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  • Drop test shows iPhone 15 Pro Max glass no more fragile than other premium phones

    charlesn said:It would be great to test how these phones hold up in heights that are more typical.  

    Yes, I was going to say the same. Moreover, I'd want to see some tests with a cover too (which is what I use).
  • Bug in macOS Ventura is breaking some networks

    rnb2 said:
    According to a Reddit thread, the SMB issue seems to be connected to custom icons on the network shares. Once I mapped my shares directly to folders instead of the drives (which have hard-coded custom icons via SoftRAID), hunted down any custom icons within the shared folders, and removed any custom icons from the backup jobs that copy from my MacBook Pro to the shares on my Mac mini server, SMB started working reliably for me again. I only encountered the issue after upgrading to 13.2. 
    That may be one aspect of it, but the small businesses we spoke do don't have any custom icons at all, for anything.

    Well, it is not just connected to custom icons in particular but to folder/files metadata in general.

    It is hard to know when there is some metadata forced by third party apps in a jungle of files and folders. Removing metadata (which includes custom icons) do the trick for some. It may not be the only cause, though.

    Apple please fix this!
  • Apple Fitness+ review: Two years later, barely treads water

    And I do trust Apple trainers. A friend of mine was doing flying Bulgarian stockades (or something like that) from a guy from TikTok and he ruined his knee.

  • Apple Fitness+ review: Two years later, barely treads water

    Can I take Apple Fitness+ to the gym with me, i.e. will it still work with just my phone for video and my watch?

    Well I did it many times with my iPad and the Apple Watch. Not sure about the iPhone.
  • Apple Fitness+ review: Two years later, barely treads water

    I love Fitness+, but I am not sure about "cleaning" the interface.

    For the treadmill workout I want to see my heart rate all the time. I don't want it removed.

    What I would like to see is a way to filter the workouts in "My library" by workout type, trainer, duration, in the iPad and the Apple TV app. Everything else seems perfect for me.