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  • Files app gets much better thanks to iPadOS 15

    Microsoft is not fully supporting drag and drop on the is about time for Microsoft to deliver full versions of excel, powerpoint and word on iPad OS as well and to stop crippling office for competitive reasons only! it is an outrage,
  • reMarkable 2 review: better than iPad for notes, but nothing else

    I have used the remarkable2 now for half a year and I'm unfortunately not that thrilled. Note taking is indeed fun but it takes forever to find stuff you have written. The tablet is super slow and the lack of backlighting makes it unusable for most of the day. Comparing it to an ipad is a joke. The remarkable competes with a paper notebook not an ipad! 
  • WSJ reported Apple was headed for a slump before one of the biggest rallies ever

    The quality of news articles (and hard right wing opinion pieces) in the last few years has deteriorated sharply (Apple bashing, Tesla bashing, etc. is a sport), coinciding with Murdoch taking control. On many days it is a pain to read but they make it really, really hard to quit (you need to call at certain times instead of allowing to cancel through email or online customer service.). The experience and performance of the WSJ app is old fashioned and poor, responsive design of the wsj web site is dismal at best....making it a pain to use on an ipad..... I want to get out !
  • Apple just released iPadOS 13.1 - here's what features to look for

    this is an extremely buggy OS! don’t downgrade to it. The keyboard bug is the worst, with the keyboard hovering over your text and obscuring it. Right now for exampke I donK see what I type....extremely annoying
  • Apple sells $7B in debt in first bond offer since $285B cash repatriation [u]

    Apple should stop immediately its outsized buyback program and stop incurring additional debt. There is no sane logic behind it. Cook underwrote a pamphlet some days that there is more to corporate governance than feeding cash to shareholders. There are many more stakeholders including customers and employees. None of these constituents are benefitting from debt funded stock buybacks!  There will come a point in time when debt will exceed cash and there will be another point in time when the iPhone will bring in ever less cash.