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  • Titanium and ceramic Apple Watch variants spotted in watchOS 6 beta

    I like the steel model because the glass is less likely to scratch than the glass on the aluminium model. Unfortunately the steel case can get scuffed, so extra care needs to be taken to avoid scuffing the steel case.

    Aluminium case is less likely to get scuff, or at least the scuff is less noticeable. But scuffs and scratches on the aluminium model’s glass is noticeable.

    I wish the glass on the aluminium model is as tough as the steel model, and the case of the steel model is as less prone to visible scuffs and scratches as the aluminium case. I also like the steel model’s subtle weightiness feel on my wrist. It feels assuring.

    Anyway, I think it would be very nice to see Apple, in addition to the titanium and ceramic models, make the tougher glass part of the aluminium models. 
  • Feds bust $900,000 iPhone repair & return scam in Oregon

    Jiang's defense lawyer has so far declined to comment but Zhou's told Portland's KOIN that his client is innocent. "Mr Zhou was not aware of any alleged counterfeiting," he said, " and we believe Mr Zhou will be vindicated."

     :D Riiight and the devil didn’t know he was stealing. 

  • A public reluctant to use Apple Pay is being enticed by the Apple Card

    My friend has no trouble sticking her debit card into a gas pump (the largest source of scanners) -- but refuses to use ApplePay because she thinks it is too risky.   Nothing I have been able to say seems to convince her otherwise.

    Apple has a mountain to climb.  
    ... She probably won't be convinced till her kids start using it and she looks old fashioned and foolish.
    Not only that. Many merchants mix up the idea that their NFC device would not take ApplePay, because they think that it is something that they have to get from Apple. In fact many merchants are not aware that their device can process contactless transactions. The thing is that where ever there is a contactless point of sale device, transactions through Apple, Android and Samsung Pay can be processed but many consumers and merchants aren’t aware. Also most people are looking for that Apple Pay sticker before they think to use it. But a contactless POS device is a contactless device. It doesn’t need a sticker from Apple, Android, or Samsung.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 fall detection summons emergency services, saves elderly man

    67 years old is elderly? Screw you, AppleInsider.
    Thank you! Shish, “elderly” 🙄
  • Laurene Powell Jobs' Emerson Collective contributing to $100M funding round for Boom Super...

    "Our interest in boom is driven by its vision to enable greater human connection and more empathetic natural and cultural experience through ecologically conscientious design," advised Emerson Collective managing partner Andy Karsner in a press release.

    That’s some fluffy PR speak there.