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  • M1X Mac mini will be thinner, use iMac's magnetic power connector says leaker

    If it has the same footprint as an old Mac mini and given the size of the M1-motherboard, would it really be impossible to fit in a power brick? It probably won’t need as much power as an old Mac mini?

    I would love for this to be a very inexpensive computer! But I see no reason for them to lower the price if it’s just as capable as the old one. The could have this as a 300$ machine, and have a even more specked up machine for 800$. There were some talks some years ago about a modular machine you could build upon by stacking? Given as how thin this is it would work really well as a stackable machine. Would be great if it had like a HD-stack and things like that. 
  • Facebook considers telling users enabling tracking keeps app 'free of charge'

    Too be honest I don’t understand why Facebook just don’t add a “In order to use this app you need to agree to accept advertising”. The majority of people would press accept without a second thought. The way they do it now is that they educate users that they are actually SPENDING money by using Facebook. This will raise awareness where Facebook is making its money from, adds. 
  • Intel wants to manufacture Apple Silicon

    This is just speculation, but at one time many years ago there was some investigation that Apple and Google where too close due to some anti monopoly law, and the companies started half hearted campaigns attacking each other. Intel’s really bad attack on Apple makes me think that it maybe was a decoy? Could it be seen as some monopoly situation if intel started making all apple’s chips? I don’t remember the exact circumstances of Apple/Google, but this was sometime before Steve Jobs went thermonuclear war with Google.  
  • YouTuber builds 'first' Apple Silicon iMac using old iMac & M1 Mac mini

    This will never happen, but I would be THRILLED if apple could release a M1-motherboard for my old iMac 2008. It’s such a same the machine is almost useless, because I can still use it to watch Netflix although it starts really slow. 
  • What to expect during today's Apple Silicon 'one more thing' Mac special event

    If they can get 15-20 hours of battery life, could they use a smaller battery with half the weight? Would be interesting with a lineup like this:

    12” MacBook Air. 10 hour battery life, super low weight and size. High end CPU. 

    13” MacBook. 20 hour battery life, same weight as ordinary MacBook Pro, mid end CPU. 

    14” MacBook Pro. 18 hour battery life, same weight as ordinary MacBook Pro. High end CPU plus high end GPU. 

    Earlier the Macbook was the expensive and small one, but this is like a long time ago when the MacBook was the white plastic inexpensive computer. The line up has recent years become very hard to grasp with all those MacBook Pro without Touchbar and the likes.