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  • FTC concludes manufacturer repair restrictions harm consumers

    I am normally pretty pro-right to repair, especially for the kinds of things from whence this out-of-control movement sprang: farm equipment. But also most other things.

    But once a device routinely carries sensitive personal information, my interest in "right-of-repair" comes to a flying stop. I have absolutely zero interest in an unauthorized-by-Apple, untrained-by-Apple "technician" having access to my files, photos, or the ability to "replace" the Secure Enclave with an Insecure Enclave, which the US government (among many even less savory entities) would do in a second if they could.

    Be careful what you wish for, Right to Repair advocates. Be VERY careful.
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  • New Apple TV Siri Remote incompatible with some tvOS games

    I concur with Fastasleep, I think Apple changed its mind about having a combo remote and game controller and will either: a) redesign their own controller to be better or b) give up on the idea and leave game controllers to the game controller makers. Yes, that leaves a few games and a tiny minority of players in a lurch for a little while, but in the end you'll be getting better games that can use better controllers.

    As I've often said, when Apple decides to go in a new direction with something they tend to burn the entire house down and only give you a tiki hut for a year while they build you an ultimately-better house. This can be aggravating, to be sure.

    But I prefer it vastly to Microsoft's "we're just going to paint over stuff and maybe add a new hedge here and there but ultimately not change very much at all over the course of a couple of decades" approach.
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  • FCC launches official speed test app for broadband data collection program

    jcoh said:
    Yes. This app has been around for years. Not sure why this article thinks it was just launched.   
    Because the FCC promoted it in a tweet earlier today, and nobody really has heard of it. But perhaps the reporter inferred that it was a new version of the app when it isn't -- but neither is this version "seven years old."

    According to the App Store, it was last updated four months ago.
  • FBI foils one-man plot to blow up Amazon data center

    At this point, the remaining Chumpsters should be considered radicalized, and potential domestic terrorists.

    I am grateful to the citizen that reported the disturbing post to the FBI, but very alarmed that the FBI is not, apparently, already monitoring  all "militia forums" and similar domestic violence groups.
  • Siri gets two new voices, user choice at setup in iOS 14.5

    I don't ask anything special out of Siri -- play that album or song or podcast, what's the weather, how far to x, send a message to x, remind me to do x, Add [event] to my [type] calendar, that sort of thing -- and it does it all just fine, with no issues. I do find that certain tricky things -- the sort of thing no other vocal assistant can do either -- requires me to either enunciate more or spell out a particular term, but once I figure out the wording that works, it continues to work.

    As for Elijahg, have you tried establishing your relationship with your father in Contacts? I did that with my sister and brother (my father is no longer living) and instantly Siri understood "call my sister" et al. While the default for that relationship would be "father," you can give him a custom label in the "related name" field to "Dad," and then it should work to say "call Dad" -- though if you have several Dans in your directory, I would be sure to pronounce that last D in "Dad." You might also try giving him the nickname of "Dad," that might improve your results as well.

    Try it out!