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  • 128M iOS users were affected by 2015 XcodeGhost malware

    “So what’s the big deal?”

    Um, the big deal is that a path to insert much more dangerous malware was discovered. Man am I ever glad some people will never work for Apple.
  • FTC concludes manufacturer repair restrictions harm consumers

    I am normally pretty pro-right to repair, especially for the kinds of things from whence this out-of-control movement sprang: farm equipment. But also most other things.

    But once a device routinely carries sensitive personal information, my interest in "right-of-repair" comes to a flying stop. I have absolutely zero interest in an unauthorized-by-Apple, untrained-by-Apple "technician" having access to my files, photos, or the ability to "replace" the Secure Enclave with an Insecure Enclave, which the US government (among many even less savory entities) would do in a second if they could.

    Be careful what you wish for, Right to Repair advocates. Be VERY careful.
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  • Nebula R2-D2 Capsule II projector transports you to a galaxy far, far away

    That lumen count is waaaay too low for me, but I guess it would do in a pinch (and in an incredibly pitch-black dark environment). It wins points for being both projector and speaker in one, and using the R2D2 sounds is a cute touch. If they'd fix the problem with the Apple TV remote volume, this would be a decent option for an Apple TV (box) owner. But for $699 I can buy a FAR more bright, clear, and totally functional projector, and have money left over for a regular Bluetooth speaker, so in the end this is for hard-core SW nerds with money and a willingness to fight the volume controls only.
  • Epic expert estimates Apple's App Store profit to be nearly 80%

    So let me get this right: making a lot of profit by reselling things is bad?

    Hmmm. I wonder if Epic knows anything about the fashion or jewellry industries -- or indeed any industry other than its own. Distributors and resellers routinely mark retail pricing up more than 100 percent in the real world.

    Epic would only have a case if they can prove that Apple is gouging, and they can't because it isn't. The App Store operated at break-even or a loss for YEARS before it became profitable -- that's what you call "investing in a startup business," which the App Store was -- and if you are successful you reap the rewards.

    To put this another way: even including all the costs involved in getting them to you, if you think a dozen roses doesn't make the flower shop AT MINIMUM 100 percent profit, you really have no idea how capitalism works and should probably sit down and keep your opinions to yourself.
  • 2021 Apple TV 4K versus 2017 Apple TV 4K - Who should buy the new model, and who should no...

    omasou said:
    ivanh said:
    How does the latest Apple TV 4K compare to the Apple TV app installed in the much cheaper Google TV? 
    It does everything the Apple TV hardware does except the ability to install app and therefore no Apple Arcade or Apple Fitness+.

    BTW, If it matters, I am running the Apple TV on a Sony A8H with Android not Google TV.
    Your answer is on point, but you missed one important feature: DOESN'T CONSTANTLY SPY ON YOU. If you think Google gathers a lot of information on its users, wait till you find out how much your TV maker knows about you and what you watch, search for, etc.

    I'm a very happy Apple TV 4K owner (bought shortly after it first came out (late 2017) as a xmas present. But I will likely replace it with the new version for xmas this year. Reasons include: knowing that it will get many years of support, the new remote, the faster chip, potential for future audio/video enhancements/standards, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, working with my pair of HomePods, compatibility with any future reinvention of the HomePod concept, and most importantly PRIVACY AND SECURITY, none of which (apart from possibly the last item) is offered by the Apple TV app embedded in TVs.