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  • Supply chain expects 2nd-gen Apple Watch in September or October

    lkrupp said:

    New iPhone - Yawn
    New Watch - Yawn

    Come on Apple where are the Mac's? Stop fiddling and get some decent products out. There are people with money to spend if you do a decent job on the upgrades/redesign.

    Yawn all you want to. The Mac is yesterday's news. Just sticking a faster processor and a fancier screen, and adding back some legacy ports in a Mac is NOT innovation. Mobile and wearable is where the real money is. Mac and PC sales are declining not because of the lack of innovation. They are declining because people don't need them anymore.
    "don't need them anymore"...

    Mac's and PC's are just lasting longer before they are "too slow" and there aren't any real good reasons to upgrade until something stops working.  No one is really innovating except video chip makers, Mac's and general use PC's are just stuck in a crappy "evolutionary" cycle.  

    They are still very much needed, just not being replaced every 3 years or less like some people are used to seeing.  People who know anything are actually starting to class them as highly durable goods that could live beyond 5-7 years of use and adjusting accordingly.  Everyone else still thinks iPads can do everything and are somehow replacing them despite the iPad not being able to provide a complete work cycle like a desktop or laptop.
  • Rumor: Apple's space gray 'iPhone 7' will be a 'much darker color'

    ireland said:
    Call me crazy (and you will) but I don't think Apple will use "7" branding regarding this year's new iPhone models.

    I think next year's iPhone will be iPhone 7 and this year's will be something else. Possibilities include iPhone 6x and 6x plus or iPhone 6 SE (unlikely) or something else.
    I wouldn't call it crazy to save the "7" branding for an actual new design at all.  It would actually be a good move IMHO.  Though, I think it's just as likely they will drop the number completely.
  • New leaks show bigger lens opening on 'iPhone 7,' dual-lens camera on '7 Plus'

    I'm all for new camera tech.  I just hate that it looks like they just put the thing in a press and pushed out the casing to accommodate it like an el'cheap-o smartphone maker would.   At least the 6/6s has a nice ring around the camera protrusion.  This just looks like they stopped caring altogether.  Hopefully they just did it on the prototypes.
  • Rumor: Apple's space gray 'iPhone 7' will be a 'much darker color'

    isteelers said:
    TurboPGT said:
    Yay. People that buy Space Grey do so because its the only thing close to a "black" model.
    Plus it's the only model with a black front. I would be happy to have either the silver or regular gold if they offered them with black fronts. 
    Hahaha.  I'm assuming, isteelers, you're a Steelers fan and would like a black and gold iPhone?  :D

    But yeah, how hard would it be to offer each body in a black and white face?  Not hard.  I think they've already proven with watch bands that the concept of mix-n-match is sound...

    I always thought the new "space grey" needed to be darker like back in the iPhone 5 days.  They need a "deep space" that is as black as they can possibly get.
  • French talk show resorts to iPhones to continue shooting after power outage

    Not sure if the remaining lighting is studio or just really good emerg lights.  I could see them putting in some pretty nice backup lights off the side so they wouldn't have to work around them on the trusses while still being in compliance of light output during emergency, but there are ones in the trusses that are still on...  (I know in the US, it is frowned upon to locate your emerg lights on trusses unless they are hard mounted, and/or there is no other choice.  Some places let it, some don't, anyway)

    I can see the level of light post-blackout being a bit of a "trick of the camera's eye" as the built in light on some of the phones seem extremely bright, blooming quite noticeably.

    I do find it interesting that the mics/audio didn't miss a beat.  That would be the part of filming on phones that would really suffer.  Yes, the body packs would be battery powered, but the receivers and recording device (or any other hardware part of that) probably wouldn't be battery/backup powered and the cameras not, unless they were using a laptop for audio...

    My vote is for staged power outage.