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  • Apple's Siri-based Echo competitor rumored to borrow design cues from Mac Pro, could arriv...

    zoetmb said:
    Soli said:
    sflagel said:
    As much as I would love to have a well-functioning Siri-based Echo competitor, the emphasis must be on "well-functioning"! and since Siri is the opposite of well-functioning, indeed it is just a dangerous time-wasting distraction, this can only be a catastrophe.
    Can you give me an example of of Siri's AI that makes you think a competitor to Amazon Echo or Google Home can't possibly be "well-functioning" and will only result in "catastrophe"?
    I can.   I say "find pizza near me" (in Queens, NY) and it finds pizza places in California.
    How does that work? I just asked Siri that here in the middle of Jokelahoma, and it found 15 results within 3 miles -- no California or anywhere else. There is no wayin hell they have Jokelahoma figured out better than CA and NYC.

    While we're doing anecdotes, I use Siri all the time to get directions to things as well as dictate and send messages to my wife. The only time I've had an issue is when I bought a new smaller car and the road noise became a problem, but I can get around that by waiting for quieter roads or when I stop at a red light.

    If Siri can understand my Oklahoma drawl, I'm sure it should understand a New York or other accent, too. I'm sure it can have issues with that, however all of these personal assistants can only get better understanding over time now. The purchase of Workflow and the tight integration of Siri into many subsystems of iOS and MacOS are going to make for some great stuff and with a lot less privacy issues as Apple works to keep as much exact personal info from being transmitted as possible. I prefer their approach of not having some capabilities at the moment to other companies just sending everything willy-nilly with the hope that one day they will get the privacy issues in check.
  • Snapchat for iPhone gains 3D, augmented reality 'World Lenses'

    Nothing but NOISE! 

    More gimmicky crap for use by the teen crowd -- show me some useful AR stuff and it might be worth using it (e.g., a 3D object that I can pan around would be huge IMHO).

    This reminds me more of the Snapchat icon with a poop emoji floating over it. 🤔 💩 😉  /s
    And get off my lawn! ;)
  • Sprint, T-Mobile merger under consideration again, given change in US regulatory climate

    Oh, please no. I love my T-Mobile, and I don't want Sprint anywhere near it.
  • Lawsuit blames Apple's 'less safe' FaceTime implementation for fatal traffic accident

    "I'll never get all the money I want out of a 20-year-old. I think I'll sue someone with big pockets!"
  • Sony readies its first aftermarket receiver with Apple CarPlay support

    Do you want chrome fins or spinners or something?