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  • Bogus hot takes about low iPhone X demand being repeated about iPhone XS

    I just checked the Apple Store app. It says I can pick up a gold 512 GB XS Max at my local Apple store on Sept 21 if I order it now. That’s really odd seeing how whenever I pre ordered iPhones in the past, if I didn’t order right at midnight on pre sale day, I’d be waiting about a month.
  • Beyond the new 'iPhone Xs,' what to expect from Apple's Sept. 12 'Gather round' special ev...

    sumergo said:
    eightzero said:
    A phone company announces its annual event for its latest phones. It also announces it will no longer make computers as they are a sideline business, and takes up too much time, few sales, and have lost interest in making the best computers. Making phones is easier and more profitable. The software division that made iWork, Final Cut, Aperature, Mac Server etc will also be disbanded, as they haven't done anything in years anyway. No one will miss them. No professional laptops (15" are just toys), no pro desktop Mac worth buying since 2013, no 17" laptop since 2012, no new Mac Mini, since ...I forgot it was so long ago. Old computers with old processors, old graphics cards, no user upgradable RAM, tiny RAM limit of 32Gb, same old high prices. Apple should give 5 year warranties. After 25 years as a Mac user, I am considering those PeeCees sadly. Cheaper, faster, 17" laptops, powerful desktop models.
    Hey eightzero, you could cut Macman1993 a little slack - he has a lot of valid points.

    Apple IS apparently reducing it's commitment to Macs, Displays, Airport . . .  in favour of services and phones.  They know what sells and what doesn't - we don't.
    Yes, it is sad, from another long term Apple user's perspective, that the market is encouraging Apple management and the Ive "design team" to focus their development and product delivery in the way they are currently doing.

    It may be tough for us, who might prefer a different business model, but just check out AAPL stocks to see what Wall Street might finally be getting about Apple's business competency . . .
    I also agree with Macman. He’s got a lot of valid points. Yea sadly, Apple is solely focusing on what’s making them money “right now.” But if, I shouldn’t say if...WHEN the smartphone is replaced by the next greatest device, I just hope Apple isn’t stuck with nothing to offer. 
  • Apple's incoming 6.5-inch iPhone will offer Plus-style landscape modes

    I don’t understand why the X doesn’t have landscape mode. :/
    To make you buy the X Plus. It’s ridiculous, Apple now has everyone buying a $1,000 iPhone EVERY year! Not ridiculous for them, of course. And even with trade up every year, I still don’t see the point. They typically last several years, at least. I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one that sees it as a waste to get rid of a perfectly good phone (or iPad) every year. I miss the $99 Nokias with 2 year contracts 😂 The 8260 was my favorite.