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  • Apple may release a cheaper Apple TV streaming device in 2022, says Kuo

    wood1208 said:
    Going forward in future if Apple's focus is AppleTV+ App and it's contents and subscribers than who cares if AppleTV box is expensive or cheaper ? Long as Apple's Chip department can create SOC for small cheaper dongle like Chrome Cast or Roku or Amazon fire streaming device that does good job with current AppleTV box interface than ALL GOOD.  Your current ApplTV box is neither good gaming console(like XBOX or PS5) or cheaper streaming device.
    I have a number of AppleTVs, but this is my biggest properly with it right now. It's positioned in no-man's-land relative to the rest of the market. It's a better qualify device than most streaming sticks so it can also provide some casual gaming. But it's not a better experience than playing on iPhone, which means we don't use Apple Arcade on AppleTV at all.

    I would prefer a slimmed down AppleTV "stick" that focuses solely on streaming. I love the AppleTV interface and the new remote (even though it's ridiculously expensive). Something in the $79-$99 range would be perfect.

    Then, I wish Apple would really take gaming seriously and try to get good Nintendo-quality content for a higher-end gaming device. A $349 AppleTV with premium Apple Arcade games would be amazing with my Apple One subscription.
  • Google is downplaying Android to focus its future on Chrome OS

    Putting the litigation issue with Oracle to the side, there's nothing preventing Google from developing a new OS from the ground up and then implementing something like what Apple did with Rosetta to allow old apps built on Java to continue to run on this new OS until they can get developers to move over to whatever new language they are using. I would assume they've been working on something like this for years now to address many of the issues DED brings up in this article. If they could do that it seems like it wouldn't take much to continue to dominate the non-Apple mobile device market. I guess the question is would something like that still fall under the scope of the intellectual property lawsuits from Oracle?