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  • Apple Car project troubled by management demos and uncertain schedule

    Not only do us plebes truly have no idea what Apple is hoping to accomplish with Project Titan... it increasingly sounds as if Apple itself doesn't know, either.

    The glass-half-full perspective might be that Apple will eventually figure it out. It took Apple YEARS to figure out how to enter the TV/film biz. That effort is finally starting to take off and it could be really huge now that ATV+ is starting to make an impact while Netflix is flailing. The move into live sports will cement Apple as a player; as recently as a year ago, observers were writing off ATV+ as a popcorn fart.

    I would like to think the same dynamic is going on here... there's a huge opportunity and Apple is trying to figure out its place. Also as a shareholder, I would be pissed if they threw in the towel on PT. They can't and they won't. The fact their biggest competitor is working hard on this, is reason enough for Apple to continue its efforts.
    I agree. Some of Apple's most impressive and successful products (iPod, iPhone) are a result of taking efforts of their R&D department and features of other failed products and waiting for that right moment when the technology can be applied in a unique and compelling way.

    The Newton was prime example of some amazing technology that just wasn't ready for the market. Fast forward 10 years and they're able to take those efforts with better display, sensor, and processor technology to create iPhone.

    I think that's the main reason Apple can't seem to find the direction for Project Titan. They either don't feel like the technology is quite there to support what is the actual long term vision for it, or they can't seem to align features together in a product that is actually compelling enough to making it a no-brainer to release. Patience always seems to be where Apple manages to excel above most other companies, so I'm still excited to see what they end up doing in the automotive space.
  • Apple may release a cheaper Apple TV streaming device in 2022, says Kuo

    mattinoz said:
    What is the need for a stream only stick when most smartTV have had AppleTV streaming built in for a few years now. 

    I assume Apple does need to drop the lower model as the SOC in it uses GPUs that the license is expiring on when they moved to their own GPU 

    For me, personally, I prefer the entire AppleTV interface over almost any Smart TV I've had. The AppleTV app on my Samsung is only for watching AppleTV+.
  • Apple may release a cheaper Apple TV streaming device in 2022, says Kuo

    wood1208 said:
    Going forward in future if Apple's focus is AppleTV+ App and it's contents and subscribers than who cares if AppleTV box is expensive or cheaper ? Long as Apple's Chip department can create SOC for small cheaper dongle like Chrome Cast or Roku or Amazon fire streaming device that does good job with current AppleTV box interface than ALL GOOD.  Your current ApplTV box is neither good gaming console(like XBOX or PS5) or cheaper streaming device.
    I have a number of AppleTVs, but this is my biggest properly with it right now. It's positioned in no-man's-land relative to the rest of the market. It's a better qualify device than most streaming sticks so it can also provide some casual gaming. But it's not a better experience than playing on iPhone, which means we don't use Apple Arcade on AppleTV at all.

    I would prefer a slimmed down AppleTV "stick" that focuses solely on streaming. I love the AppleTV interface and the new remote (even though it's ridiculously expensive). Something in the $79-$99 range would be perfect.

    Then, I wish Apple would really take gaming seriously and try to get good Nintendo-quality content for a higher-end gaming device. A $349 AppleTV with premium Apple Arcade games would be amazing with my Apple One subscription.
  • Apple claps back at 'secret' app ad purchase claims, says supports more than 100 apps

    So by this logic Walmart shouldn't be able to advertise for a product they sell in stores when it's also available on the manufacturer's website, because they're making money that the manufacturer could have instead.

    I seriously don't get this argument from Epic, et al.
  • HomePod mini now comes in five colors

    kkqd1337 said:
    hmmm... no soundbar?
    I was really hoping for a soundbar too. A soundbar with FaceTime cameras seems like a slam dunk no brainer for Apple. Why the hell are they sitting on their hands with this?? 
    What's the use case for this? I've seen this request a few times on the forums but don't really understand how people plan on using this. I definitely must not be the intended audience.