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  • Turkey's president calls for boycott of Apple products

    Wages are down? Really? Everywhere I go it says they are hiring. The economy grew quite a bit better for the last two years. UNemployment is really low.
    Anton, please. Don’t fall for bubbles and false normalcy. Never mind outright lies. We’re a few years away from the Second Great Depression. When the market corrects, it will correct to roughly 60% of what it is today. If it was allowed to correct fully (which it won’t be without mass executions), it would correct to just above 30%, BUT the purchasing power of the dollar would be 50x greater.
    tmay said:
    U.S. nixed Turkey getting F-35's as they are now considered within sphere of influence of Russia
    What... officially? Sounds like someone needs to be kicked the fuck out of NATO, then.
    lkrupp said:
    ...if he pulls Turkey out of NATO we will be in a world of hurt as Turkey is crucial to our ability to retain what little influence we have these days in the Middle East.
    Good. Do it.
    spice-boy said:
    Turkeys not the only country within the "sphere of Russia's influence" I can think of one much closer, no, not Canada. 
    Closer to the US? Or closer to the US?
    Political saber rattling. Nothing more.
    When Assad takes his country back and Turkish forces are staring down the barrels of Syrians guns after being pushed back to their OWN border, something tells me it won’t just be political.

    And that’s assuming Turkey lasts that long, anyway.
    bunch of sad wannabe bullies (or wannabes) spreading their nonsense ... Is Internet people really this dumb?
    "Eveyone is entitled to have their opinion but no one is entitled to have their own facts."  
    from a lesson on Decision Theory, Harvard Business School

    * Parts of F-35 are made by Turkey, hence the Turkish flag on the side. (google it)
    * Turkish people love Apple and its products. So i know it looks silly but childlishly they say: "you started it!" 
    * Turkey has one of the biggest armies in the world. US of A has the biggest.
    * Turkey was Ottoman Empire for 600 years.
    * For Muslim Turks (as for all the true Jews and Christians) this world is nothing but a field to sow the good deeds. Remember what Yeshua (iesus), Moshe (Moses) and Mohammad thought. 
    * Check the history of  the collapsed nations.
    * "must read: Amy Chua and Jared Diamond".
    * So, let US not be cocky.

    Thank you for reading.

  • The Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro is well implemented, but serves no useful purpose

    Why not convert the whole keyboard into an OLED DISPLAY which could also be used as a keyboard and touchpad and rid the touchpad all together. So the Macbook Pro will essentially be tow OLED displays one with touch features. Why not?
  • Tim Cook talks about Steve Jobs thinking differently, Apple product philosophy

    I loved Apple even more. Thank you Appleinsider guys /girls to provide this video.
  • How to add AirDrop to the Dock in macOS to quickly send files to a nearby iPhone or iPad

    Soli said:
    There's a 3rd method:

    In Finder do a search for The search will yield nothing. Click the '+' sign and then Other… and then add System Files to your search parameter and select Are Included.

    I think it's good to have this checked so it's always a quick option when searching for items so you only ever have to go through that process once to find anything on your Mac quickly.

  • First look: Apple's powerful iMac Pro

    As a pro user i am sold. Want one!
    Thank you Apple.