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  • SEC presses charges against GT Advanced & CEO for fraud in iPhone sapphire supply

    The GT Advanced spanking that Tim and Jony received negatively influenced the future of Apple in many ways. Mainly, the dream of Steve Jobs for Apple to be trailblazing was ditched.

    Sapphire glass screens were just the first big step to using new, innovative materials. But because the deal went bad, out the window went the using all that intellectual property that Apple gobbled up. Remember all those little companies; like consistently 10-15 each quarter that Apple would buy out? Remember Apple working alongside companies like Liquidmetal and Glassimetal? Those days are long over. It's a shame, maybe another firm could have successfully made the boules of sapphire?

    So today Tim and Jony are very conservative and adverse to taking risks or experimenting with new technology. Thusly, we have iPhones that are still made of Gorilla glass and aluminum and look and preform pretty much as the the last model you just traded in. You visually can't tell the difference between an iMac made in 2010 or one made in 2020. A Magic Mouse is preforming the same magic as 2009. Etc. etc. etc.

    I remember the conference call after the GT debacle and Apple lost that $200 and what ever million; Apple reported making so much God damn money that quarter, the GT $200 million loss---wasn't even mentioned. Not one analyst brought it up. CFO Peter Oppenheimer certainly didn't say a word, he didn't need to.

  • NYPD begins rolling out 36,000 iPhone 7, 7 Plus handsets to Manhattan cops

    iPhones are not made for people who work outside for a living. They are far too fragile and temperamental.  

    The NYPD is going to be pissed less than two years from now when all these iPhone 7s are throttled "for the their benefit".

    Ya' know, 'cause the batteries go bad on iPhones for people who actually use them often. And the are people sitting in offices in California know what is good for police officers in New York City. And somehow those distant people have control over those phones whether is the perceived age of the battery or one of the many of the required updates.

    Unfortunately you never really own an iPhone.
  • Apple weighing legal action against Trump immigration ban, to match employee donations to ...

    Considering that gross sales have not increased as expected. Considering that recent iPhone is a yawner and the upcoming model is forecast to be just measuring up to what others have been doing for a year or two. Considering that long time staple products have not been improved for years if not being eliminated (iMac, iPod, AirPort, Mac Pro).

    Why would Tim Cook get this company engaged into a political battle that has little to do with earnings, sales, or product development????


    What part of "we make great products" does he not understand? What part of innovation does he not get? What was the point of hiring the many, many talented engineers, designers and others? What part of wall street consensus does he not see?

    Now is not the time for arguments of moral values with the government. It's not the time for billion dollar lawsuits with vendors. It's not about finger pointing of who is responsible for sales taxes you consciously avoided.....

    It's about the hard work of putting all those tools you have bought and coming up with great, innovative products.

    Please Tim Cook, use your all access employee badge and go into that forbidden new products room and come out with a shopping cart of new stuff. Please.