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  • Apple issues new 3.7.2 firmware update for AirPods owners

    To check the active firmware version owners can go into the iOS Settings app, then tap General, About, and finally AirPods.
    Nope, not seeing "AirPods" in this location.
    iPhone SE, iOS 10.3.2
    AirPods are definitely connected, they're in the Battery widget.
    Yeah it did this to me as well. I found out that flipping open the lid with the Pods' in the case, a few times will get the "AirPods" section to pop up at the bottom of the list.
  • Apple denies imminent iPhone 6 battery exchange program in the works

    I was an Apple technician until recently, and I can tell you that the 6S definitely had a battery issue. However, the 6's did not. I rarely ever saw any battery related issues with the 6 or 6 Plus. I think the only one was a few months ago. Display issues, I saw plenty and was surprised it took so long for a Program to start for those. And when it comes to the difference between 6's and 6S's, the 6's are a breeze to open and takes just seconds for a tech. However, the 6S has an adhesive around the entire internal enclosure, which make it a massive pain for a repair. A battery replacement on a 6 takes maybe 10-15 minutes at the longest (processing and paperwork aside). But a 6S can take quite a bit more time. Plus Apple has to keep them stocked with new adhesive strips that we have to put back in the device. Once the 6S came out, I was not looking forward to any in-store repairs as it is a huge pain. In almost every scenario it had to be sent to an Apple Depot Facility. I feel for the techs at the Apple Stores.
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