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  • Tim Cook elected chairman of Chinese business school amidst Hong Kong scrutiny

    who is also based in California.
    That goes without saying. As a former CA resident, it's obvious where most of CA residents stand.
  • App Store continues to vastly outpace Google Play in consumer spending

    One of the reasons the iOS App store continues to generate more revenue over Google's Play store is because of value. iOS users, although with a significantly lower market-share worldwide (82% Android to 12% iOS), user their devices more. iOS apps are much more polished, complete, and offer users a far greater UX. Also, the hardware on iOS devices far surpass anything Android has to offer, even today, when it comes to consistent, 60FPS gaming. I have $50 in Google Play store credit and I have only purchased one app, while on iOS I have spent over $50 because the apps continue to be supported by developers for years on end and the apps themselves are much more polished and less buggy. Also, Apple has made iOS the defacto mobile gaming platform. I have gamed on OnePlus, Samsung, Google, LG, and HTC devices and they pale in comparison to my iPhone and iPad devices. I've compared apps and games from iOS and Google Play and the iOS versions are superior in almost 100% of the cases. People don't spend money just because they have it, they spend it where they find value, and it's clear users find greater value in iOS apps than Android users (tbh, a good handful of Android users pirate apps and sideload APK versions, bypassing the paywall). 
  • Cellebrite says it can pull data from any iOS device ever made

    Professional criminals, nice. 
  • Chinese diplomat attacks Apple & Trump over Huawei - using an iPhone

    First off, Huawei is a not a private company. China is communist, they do not believe in private companies. Huawei is a state-owned company, just like this stooge and the newspaper/organization he works for. Second, just another example why this entire thing is kabuki theater.
  • ARM severs ties with Huawei, creating crisis for future phone designs

    avon b7 said:
    dewme said:
    I really wish there was some objective, scientific, and non-politicized coverage of the actual issues the US has with Huawei. A lot of the concerns seem to be pure conjecture or hypotheticals and ignore the fact that all countries, US and EU ones included, have both the ability and incentives to place surveillance inside any hardware or software communication platforms and equipment, whether at the manufacturing point of origin or through interception anywhere in the supply, distribution, or service channels and pretty much regardless of where the equipment is deployed. It's not like Huawei is building a giant ship with a massive crane to mine manganese nodules from the bottom of the ocean off the east coast of the US, or anything like that...
    There is absolutely nothing more than you point out.

    The Trump administration simply didn't want to see the Chinese take a tech lead (5G for example) over the US.

    Trump tried to get other countries to do the dirty work by banning Huawei. Most of those countries refused (after requesting evidence and not getting any) and as a US ban wasn't going to be enough, he simply declared a 'national emergency' to justify an executive order. This in spite of court cases (by both sides) already being underway.

    Why wait for the legalities to be cleared up when you can skip that part altogether?

    We are now in Wild West Politics and the sheriff is acting like one of those dodgy sheriffs in some crazy western.

    Blatant protectionism and nothing else save for the conjecture and hypotheticals.

    This is not the precedent the US should be setting on a world stage. 

    Not sure what world you've been living in the last 100 or so years, but this is what politics is. This is what countries do. They manage deals, relationships, that protect their country and their interests. People are so upset that the US is finally doing the same thing. China has been doing this since the 1980s. What rock has everyone been living under? Now the outrage comes out? Disingenuous af.