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  • Apple Watch 'Series 6,' 'watchOS 7' may have shareable faces, kid modes

    Kid-friendly? Great googly moogly! When I was young, parents didn't buy multi-hundred dollar gadgets for all us kids. We considered ourselves lucky if we got 50¢ for candy.
    Actually, I think this is genius. I know many parents want their young kids at a certain age to have access to a phone so they can call them in emergencies, and so the parents can know where they are at any time. But the parents worry of giving them a full on mobile phone because of the distraction of gaming, texting, watching videos, etc. Instead, give them an Apple Watch with cellular, and the kid can call them in an emergency, can do some basic texting, and can easily be tracked. All without the downsides of a full on mobile device. I know many parents would gladly shell out $$$ for that.
  • Apple's Mac refresh includes universal drop in SSD upgrade prices

    imat said:
    Just bought an iMac with SSD. Can I get a refund of the price difference (bought a week ago)?
    it’s a serious question. I know you can send it back if a new model comes out in two weeks after purchase. I wonder if it applies also to price reductions.
    Apple retail policy is within 2 weeks you can either return the product, or you can get refunded the difference.
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  • Apple working on self-driving car 'peloton' system to share power, increase efficiency

    When I think of self-driving vehicles I think of electric vehicles, a peloton probably results in minimal cost savings.

    To show the problem of a
     Peloton, I’ll leave you this image:

    There’s a pe
    loton of a dozen cars in the slow lane.  I’m in the middle lane, and I realize my off ramp is coming up.  I have a huge wall of vehicles to my right.  I turn on my turn signal.  No one notices because a computer is driving, and no ones eyes are on the road.  What do I do?  Do I accelerate or brake aggressively to attempt to get around the wall of vehicles... BOOM I didn’t make it.

    Until all vehicles are self-driving the p
    eloton idea is a disaster waiting to happen.  Somehow I don’t think we’ll have self driving motorcycles... It would kind of defeat the purpose.
    This scenario is not much different than now, when you're trying to get over when there are a line of cars in the right lane. A lot of times when you signal, people won't let you in cause they're, well, people. So you still have to accelerate or brake to find an opening. With a peloton your signal will be noticed BECAUSE a computer is driving, and the peloton can let you in. Computers won't actively decide to not let you through cause it's being a d-bag, unlike people. Also, they can choose to limit the number of cars in a single peloton for this reason.
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  • iPhone XS & iPhone XR have improvement to near-field communication, allowing for easier in...

    I hope this makes using Apple Pay easier. I always freak out at the checkout line, forgetting how to bring it up, taking a bunch of photos, knocking stuff over, punching at least one person, and I end up having to turn the phone on and going into the Wallet app like a senior citizen. I just can’t get Apple Pay to work like it does in the videos. I still don’t know.
    Place your phone near the NFC reader. It doesn't have to be awake and the screen doesn't need to be on. It will detect NFC and Apple Pay will automatically come up.

    If you have Touch ID and your finger is on the reader, it authenticate immediately. It is very quick when used this way.

  • Apple looking to deploy 1Password company-wide, company buy-out denied [u]

    loopless said:
    I agree that 1Password is much more than a simple password manager - I have been using it for a long time.
    However, the iOS keychain is now much more convenient than 1Password as a single user password manager.
    I have several apps/web sites that prompt me regularly for a password. With keychain, I can unlock the keychain quickly with touch id, then keychain enters them directly from the "keyboard" - the suggestions seem always correct and match up with the app/website.
    With 1Password I would be switching back and forth to the 1Password app to get the username and password.

    This is the reason I use both Keychain and 1Password. I consider 1Password as my system of record, though, and Keychain as a copy only for convenience. Though with the new password API coming in iOS 12, I'm hoping I can clear out my Keychain and just use 1Password.

    And if you're wondering why I don't just use Keychain only, it's because I use 1Password for more than just passwords, and like I said I consider 1Password as my system of record. Data management is leagues better in 1Password for me. When I create or change a password on my Mac, I let Keychain save the password when it asks. That's about the extent of the effort I put in for Keychain.