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  • Apple's Mac refresh includes universal drop in SSD upgrade prices

    imat said:
    Just bought an iMac with SSD. Can I get a refund of the price difference (bought a week ago)?
    it’s a serious question. I know you can send it back if a new model comes out in two weeks after purchase. I wonder if it applies also to price reductions.
    Apple retail policy is within 2 weeks you can either return the product, or you can get refunded the difference.
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  • Apple looking to deploy 1Password company-wide, company buy-out denied [u]

    loopless said:
    I agree that 1Password is much more than a simple password manager - I have been using it for a long time.
    However, the iOS keychain is now much more convenient than 1Password as a single user password manager.
    I have several apps/web sites that prompt me regularly for a password. With keychain, I can unlock the keychain quickly with touch id, then keychain enters them directly from the "keyboard" - the suggestions seem always correct and match up with the app/website.
    With 1Password I would be switching back and forth to the 1Password app to get the username and password.

    This is the reason I use both Keychain and 1Password. I consider 1Password as my system of record, though, and Keychain as a copy only for convenience. Though with the new password API coming in iOS 12, I'm hoping I can clear out my Keychain and just use 1Password.

    And if you're wondering why I don't just use Keychain only, it's because I use 1Password for more than just passwords, and like I said I consider 1Password as my system of record. Data management is leagues better in 1Password for me. When I create or change a password on my Mac, I let Keychain save the password when it asks. That's about the extent of the effort I put in for Keychain.

  • Analysts see 'strong growth' of Apple Pay annually, more room to grow

    wigby said:
    thedba said:
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    macxpress said:
    Oh but remember, ApplePay is a failure! Nobody uses this....

    People don't realize nothing like this just takes off. When you do a major change like this it takes quite a while to get everyone on board (Retailers, Banks, and Customers). It doesn't matter who is CEO of Apple or who is running it. This is a huge undertaking for everyone involved. This will succeed in time...patience people! Patience!
    Yes, but I sure wish there was a way for AAPL to incentivize the retailers into accepting ApplePay. Week after week I go to my grocery store (where I spend more dollars and have more transactions than anywhere else):
    "You take ApplePay yet?"
     "<shrug> don't know."
     "Can you tell your boss a customer would like it?"
     "<shrug> <rolls eyes> would you like help out sir?<deeps sigh, looks at line forming>" 
    If you ask the clerk about Apple Pay, he/she may not know. Do they have contactless payments (aka tap and Pay)? If yes, then by definition Apple Pay works. Ever since Canadian banks got on board, most of my day to day shopping is now done through Apple Pay. I would say the ratio is now between 60-65%, all through Apple Pay.
    Apple Pay requires tap to pay hardware but that doesn't mean it will work. There is a software switch that must be turned on in order for it to work. I've been to many contactless POS retailers. Some know about about Apple Pay and some do not. I have not been able to use Apple Pay in either of these establishments but once they do set it up, it just works and is great.
    There probably is some configuration that will affect whether Apple Pay will work with tap to pay hardware. But based on my experience it will work by default at most retailers, and I don't think the configuration is specific to Apple Pay. I used Apple Pay at the Container Store like a month after Apple Pay was introduced and it worked fine. I also used it in Prague twice where Apple Pay isn't even supported by the country yet. But in Iceland it didn't work even though the tap to pay symbol was on all the machines. Though before I went there, I had read in a few forums that none of Iceland's retail POS supports Apple Pay for whatever reason so I wasn't surprised. I tried it in two places just to confirm.