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  • Apple TV+ review: 'See' is no 'Game of Thrones'

    fumi said:
    This sounded utterly lame from the moment Jason Momoa appeared on stage back in the Spring at that Apple Event and asked everyone to close their eyes. Apple will quickly learn that throwing millions of dollars at rubbish will still still give you rubbish. To be honest, I haven't seen a single trailer for anything on AppleTV+ that's made me think Oh, wow. I have to see that.

    HBO's Watchmen is currently the most compelling thing on TV, in my opinion.
    Watchmen is good. But so is Billions (Showtime), Succession (HBO), Ozarks (Netflix), Kidding (Showtime)
  • Disney may buy 21st Century Fox assets in entertainment mega merger

    Disney has been living a double life. Behind the happy mouse face is a corporate culture steeped in old Walt’s reactionary politics. When I was a kid in the sixties, I was turned away at the date of Disneyland for having long hair. It was no accident that Walt chose then ultra conservative Orange County for his park. The L.A. Times reported today that Disney is banning pre-screening of films for their reviewers because the paper recently reported on the unsavory relationship between the city of Anaheim and the company. Very Trumpian behavior, banning the press for saying critical things. Anaheim is basically a client-state of the corporation. It’s government was long ago bought-off by various favors and sweetheart deals. It gets whatever it wants. Fox sounds like a good fit. 
    Doesn’t look like they missed out. 
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  • Apple deploys updated Photos iCloud app with Sierra-like album browsing

    *uploads iphotos library from iphone* "SEND ME YOUR NUDES" - apple.
  • Nintendo doubles down on portables, reveals Nintendo Switch tablet-based console

    The sliding and click sound effects made me uncomfortable. And then somehow my attention left the console entirely and I began watching the people interacting with it which caused my OCD to freak out thinking about how dirty and ungroomed most of them were... and I imagined the bad breath they'd have as they used their greasy hands touching my Switch controller that I'd have to sanitize before I ever clipped it back into the system. I will now jump off a bridge...
    king editor the graterob55
  • Amazon Channels may beat Apple to offering cable-like experience

    The amount of jobs cord cutting will kill will be unmeasurable. All those pointless stations I have never watched that skim cents per month from my cable bill will be cut. So sad.