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  • US lawmakers query Apple, Alphabet CEOs over smartphone personal data policies

    Fortress USA wants to know what you're doing at all times. Protect us from a non-existent threat of the boogeyman to the tune of Billions of dollars. More people die from slipping in the bath tube so with that in mind lets install a camera in everyone bathtub so they can be safer. Who cares about their privacy right? We have the right to privacy and should not give it away. Apple is fighting the good fight and needs to keep doing this for its customers. This is one of the most important things Apple is doing right now and it almost gets no play or support.
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  • Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts nominated for Ralph Lauren board of directors

    I am not a big fan... she is a PC hire and nothing else. A monkey could run Apple Retail at the moment. She has done nothing to improve the situation like the above commenter stated. So many failures with the Retail management really. It's SAD!
  • iPhone X was world's best-selling smartphone model in first quarter

    Liers, cheats, criminals, con artist, dishonest losers who try and are making money based on their daily negativity. While Apple will always come out ahead eventually this negativity needs to be addressed. Tim needs to do the best he can within the laws to put everyone mind at ease that the company not going out of business. Apple performance should return a record high and the stock is really worth 300 a share. NO OTHER company puts up these numbers. 
  • By the numbers: iPhone X propels Apple's record second quarter

    Sell, sell, sell the stock is doomed! No one is buying the Homepod!!!
  • Apple reports best March quarter ever with $61.1B in revenue, 52.2M iPhone sales

    Apple still can't get any love. Any, any other company with these kinds of results the stock would be up a ton. If it was Amazon it would be up 30%. Great job Apple but really sad that they will struggle to break all-time high. Now the talk begins on how the next quarter will fall. Total manipulation by the ones who control the markets. Apple might as well file for bankruptcy!