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  • Apple regains its $3 trillion valuation despite analysts doubts

    My financial advisor told me to sell so many times. I always believed it would go to $200+ post splits. I get an ass chewing for having 7+ figures in shares. The cost basis is really low around 25k for them at the time I bought. The post-vision pro could push to 250+ if this thing is kick A as it looks. Go Apple! 
  • Apple suffers fourth consecutive quarter of declining sales, beat Wall Street anyway

    This is so dumb and of course, an overreaction to get people to give up their shares. Apple sales are only down because of the pandemic and the abnormal demand. Also, analyst forgets I guess about crazy inflation on other goods which cause people to have less money. Seems like an amazing quarter to me. Image any other tech company having a quarter like this? Also such a manipulated stock. All other tech companies are terrible but we give them a pass because they stink. As far as Apple prices they are not expensive compared to other high-quality products. No one complains about the cost of an LV purse, or a Rolex, or any other high-end brand. Shop at Walmart and buy crappy tech products if you don't have any more money. I'll stick with the best...
    danoxbadmonkBart Y
  • iPhone US market share sees small jump as Android still dominates

    This is so DUMB!

    Every year we hear about how Apple doesn't have a bigger market share than all those lame companies' phones but what does Apple have? All the profits! Since Android makes their money on the customer data no wonder they are cheaper. People who don't know quality, security, ease of use, non-fragmented OS, looking for the best deal buy Android. Ahh don't forget you can customize the icons on the Home Screen (mind blown). It's like buying a trailer home vs a custom home. It's cheaper but it costs you a whole bunch of your soul. 

    Also, let's get more patriotic. Buy an American company's products. Don't buy something that someone else stole from Apple. Android would not exist (meaning all the Asian phones) if it were not for Jobs and Apple. 

    Again ANY other company would jump for joy if they could profit just one-quarter of what Apple does. Apple is doomed...
    Bart Ywatto_cobra
  • Goldman Sachs may be trying to get out of its Apple Card deal

    I don't know Jack about this area but why can't Apple fund its own card? Why do they need anyone to help them with this? Just make that a new part of the biz and forget these banks who are giant losers. They just don't care the same way Apple does...
  • Apple is the world's biggest company at $3 trillion -- again

    I worked at Apple retail (before the iPhone) for a bit and saw the crazy number of customers buying products in a packed store all the time. I decided to purchase as much stock as I could while I was there (I did get a discount on shares) and max my 401k.

    I was one of the first retail employees (part-time) back then and there were few full-time jobs (maybe just 1 or 2 managers can't remember) but that all changed as the stores expanded quickly and I was promoted to one of the first full-time positions at my store (not a manager). I know we were selling those colorful iMacs that looked like the little TV. Anyway long story short I have never sold and believed in Apple and now have a million plus in stock + my 401k.

    I think about all the people I worked with who did not do this (I know some people are not happy with their choice) and who knows what they have but they don't have a million dollars +. Kind of a cool story for a retail person that worked at a mall! Probably doesn't happen all the time but I did have to have the guts to watch Apple get manipulated and blasted and everyone said you should sell (including my financial advisor). I always thought it was worth this and more. IMO Apple will hit 4 trillion soon and the vision will be a great success and venture into other areas we can't even think they will in the next decade or so. Maybe medical, renewable power tech, communications, Transportation/space exploration who knows? Could it go to 6-8 trillion, Maybe?

    So the next time you're at an Apple store you might be talking to a millionaire employee. Have a great 4th from a former mall Apple retail employee who wants to thank all my coworkers who worked so hard to make this all happen. So many hard-working wonderful people who don't get much credit but keep this company succeeding.