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  • NLRB certifies union election win for Apple Towson Town Center employees

    I find it interesting that people who have never worked for Apple even comment on this? You have no idea what it is or was like and I can tell you from first-hand experience that it has not always been a positive one. Instead of blaming people for wanting a better work environment, why do they want to organize in the first place? Apple can and should be THE best place to work not any other way. Their products are second to none and the workplace for everyone should be the same. It is that simple and in the end, it would benefit them greatly to do so. Blame management, not the workers like they are greedy children who don't have any work ethic or pride in their job. 
  • Apple hourly workers feel helpless under punishing pressure & mistreatment

    Lots of hate here coming from people who haven't done the job? Also as a former retail employee I can confirm for sure that it did and does suck big time. Working retail is not easy and most here putting down Apple employee couldn't do the job or even get this job as terrible as it can be (who would want it). Managers due suck big time and the worse thing is Apple tries to push the cool aid big time. Lots of people drink it but I wish they would just be honest with people. That's the thing that really makes this bad is the promise is not reality. This is the real problem... working at a fast food place most people don't think its a good job with fair pay and fair treatment. Working for Apple they like to mask the reality and it pisses people off when they don't get the prize. Its all smoke and mirrors...

    Please appreciate your retail and support employees as most of them are working above their pay grade. They try to make the best of the situation and work hard for all the Apple fans.

    However Apple does have great benefits and for the old timers like me who were smart left working at the mall with over a million in stock. Stock purchase plan was insane and buying shares for $1.10 adds up quick. Splits and more splits and constant share price increase is amazing. IMO you will see Apple at $400 a share in 5 years or less with no split. Big thing are coming and it's not going to stop for awhile. My advise is buy as many shares and you can and max out your 401K like I did. You still have a chance to get to the millionaire+ mall club!
  • Apple's new iPad mini 6 might have a scrolling glitch

    I stopped by an Apple Store and tested it out on eight minis that were on display and all of them have the wobble. I did have a genius appointment set up to address the issue but I knew after seeing that that it was nothing they could fix. Obviously no way to know if it’s a hardware or a software issue. Thinking about potentially returning the mini but I would say that they all have it. So to check you can go to photos and go to the vertical orientation and move it back-and-forth and you should see the wobble or a bowing effect. Now if you’re not looking for it you might not notice but it is there. So again in my opinion all minis have the wobble unless Apple uses different screens from different manufacturers.

    I work in the visual fields so it’s real obvious to me. I also called APPLE to let them know about it. It will be interesting to see if anything is done. Hopefully a software issue. I also have three other minis going back many generations and none of them displayed this visual anomaly.
  • US Customs says it can search iPhones, but not cloud services

    No probable cause, no warrant, no way!

    This is how the system is set up and if they want in then they need to do it legally. It's that simple. 

    Why do people give away their freedoms and rights for FAKE security? The Terrorist Threat in almost nonexistent and not worth your freedoms and our money. We spend billions for security to protect us from absolutely nothing when it comes to this statistically. It's all FAKE and agenda driven. Here a list of thing that REALLY kill American's so maybe we should ban these things. How many people die from T in the USA each year? Almost none. Only 30 people have died from terrorism since 2001. More Americans have died from squirrel and raccoon attacks than have died from terrorism since 9/11.

    Let's do the math... 30 people since 9/11 is less than 2 people a year. If you include 9/11 it's 178 a year. Still way less...

    - Slip and Falls "According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over one million Americans suffer a slip, trip, and fall injury and over 17, 000 people die in the U.S. annually because of these injuries."

    - Bicycles "
    In 2015 in the United States, over 1,000 bicyclists died and there were almost 467,000 bicycle-related injuries."

    - 300,000 Americans die of obesity every year.

    - 40,000 Americans per year die of car accidents.

    - 550,000 Americans per year die of cancer.

    - Drowning 2000

    - Poisoning 39,000

    - Fires 2700

    Chocking 2500

    So sad!