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  • Microsoft's 'bug chicks' praise Windows 10, diss Macs in new ad campaign

    I just spent the last 45 minutes wrestling with their bugs i.e. productivity software.  Outlook (in Parallels) = Junk.  Outlook for Mac = Junk.  Outlook in Office365 = Junk.   Hey Microsoft, maybe this commercial would have worked in the 90's, but since you haven't done any real updates to Outlook since then, I understand your confusion.  
    cornchipai46jaker's ugly brotherjony0
  • Avid iPhone user Donald Trump calls for Apple boycott over encryption fight

    Any American who thinks Trump should be President is also a clown. You churn out a lot of them in the US. 
    This isn't the first time you were disrespectful about americans. Dude, It's a Tech site.
    tallest skilpmcd
  • Apple wins US ban of Samsung software features, only affects obsolete products

    Did any of you happen to see the "60 Minutes" spot on corporate espionage on Sunday? Is everybody going to be aloud to infringe on everybody else's property? How much of an advantage did Samsung gain in the market (when the market was in a huge growth stage) as a result of what is now classified as theft. The damage to Apple is incalculable. Right or wrong, it's a good thing that Apple has the wherewithal to stage this defense of their property. How many companies have failed because of corporate theft? The one presented on 60 minutes nearly did, and a lot of employees and their families were the victims. Maybe one less wont because of the precedents set by this case.
    ration alcali