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  • Eye-tracking app Eyeware Beam free to download in iPhone beta

    No macOS support is baffling
  • Apple execs explain how Apple Watch could replace your wallet and keys

    I really hope Apple will see the strategic adoption value in offering a free “validation” app — the means to verify one of their new, ISO-spec digital IDs and traditional, plastic IDs— for both Android and iOS.

    Digital ID is a massive chicken and the egg problem … sure, they can sit back and just offer part of the equation, but man it’d be great to get this stuff going sooner rather than later.
  • Apple explains why getting iPhone apps outside the App Store is a bad idea

    “Just as it’d be a bad idea to buy heart medications from a dude on the street …” 
  • Apple Wallet will support IDs and driver's licenses in iOS 15

    Xed said:
    Right now a pharmacy validates my state ID by scanning the barcode on the back. I assume this would work the same way. Additionally, the use of NFC (which is how Apple Pay transfers data) could be used to also send that info without the need for using an IR scanner on your display.
    I should have been more clear about the nature of my wondering (about how grocery clerks will validate, etc.) —

    The ISO spec for mobile drivers licenses (mDL), ISO 18013–5, allows for a variety of means to transfer data (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.), and leverages the OpenID Connect protocol so that the ID holder can grant access to specific pieces of information (similar to to how you can choose what to share when you use “Connect with Facebook”).

    What I’m specifically curious about is whether Apple will provide an app that acts as the “Requestor” — the thing that initiates the request to Apple Wallet that prompts you to share (or not share) information.  This would be super helpful with the transition, because it would give hotel receptionists, club bouncers, rental car agents, etc. the means to “accept” these Digital IDs.

    Every system that is built to take an optical scan of an ID’s barcode (and decode the data therein) will have to be phased over to also support this new data exchange.
  • Apple Wallet will support IDs and driver's licenses in iOS 15

    @StrangeDays ;

    I agree with everything you said -- just asserting that it'll be 5+ years before you can legitimately leave your plastic ID home.