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  • Rogue heart rate app highlights flaws in Apple's closed-door review process

    The Apple reviewers can be totally nitpicky bastards too -- guess this app got a slacker.
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  • Apple Watch health and location data could help find missing Saudi journalist

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    hentaiboy said:
    Apple watch data will show he got cold feet and did a runner from his bride to be 😂

    Considering they believe he was literally sawed into pieces with a bone saw, this is an extremely insensitive comment.
  • What's new in iOS 12 beta 9! Is this the final beta?

    pmc said:
    Great site and thank you for the articles HOWEVER, that is not what begging the question means.
    I came here to say exactly this.

    Wikipedia has this as an example of, “begging the question”:

    Left-handed people are better painters because right-handed people can't paint as well.

    The argument (left-handed people are better painters) is supported by the second part (right-handed people can’t paint as well [as left-handed people]), which is erroneous and also asserts the same basic premise as the first.

    This is the GM of iOS 12 because the next release won’t be.

    ... would be begging the question.
  • Apple wants iPhone to be proof of identity and replace passports

    Well, sure, if a screen shot is all that’s required, but I doubt that’s the way it would work.  Just like when I use Apple Pay it’s not just an image of a credit card that enables my payment.

    So, I've actually built exactly what you outlined ... and I'm also in MA and have a very legit looking Mass Digital Driver's License (I actually got let into a bar with it ... hehe).

    My app + web service allow an end-user to scan the barcode of a physical ID and take a "selfie" (as much as I hate that word).  The online service then uses AWS Rekognition to compare the face in an on-file photo (e.g., your RMV photo) against the "selfie" (it knows which photo to use as a comparison from an identifier in the barcode data).  If there's a match, it returns a Digital ID you can "Add to Apple Wallet".

    I agree 100% with you that the verifiable, machine-readable data should not be shown until after the ID is "unlocked" via biometrics (or PIN) ... much like Apple Pay.

    As for NFC (I received Apple's permission to use NFC-enabled passes for my testing), it's actually very complicated.  The biggest challenge is that Apple Wallet NFC data exchange requires bi-directional communication between the Apple Wallet "pass" and the reading terminal ... and the terminal needs to request data using a specific identifier.  This wouldn't be an issue if one Digital ID company had a monopoly in the US (therefore allowing all readers to be programmed to ask for that one company's specific identifier), but that's extremely unlikely to happen ... but then how are readers setup to "request" from possibly 50 different identifiers?

    My conclusion is that, while sexy, NFC for driver's licenses (in America, anyways) is probably a bridge too far.  I think a QR code w/ a cryptographic digital signature (+ some other modifications to Apple Wallet) is the way to go.
  • Apple wants iPhone to be proof of identity and replace passports

    1. Bar / clubs / casinos
    2. Picking up tickets at a will-call window
    3. Checking in to a hotel room
    4. Grocery store (buying alcohol or cigarettes)
    5. Renting a car
    6. TSA checkpoints
    I now understand why I never really need my license.
    I now understand why you have over 43,000 comments on AppleInsider.