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  • Third-party App Stores will only work for 30 days if you leave the EU

    Should a purchaser leave a European Union country, an app downloaded from one of these app stores can only be updated for 30 days -- but it will function beyond that time frame. Users can still use the marketplaces to manage previously installed apps, but they must physically be in the European Union to install marketplaces and new apps from those stores.

    I wonder how they'll know if the user is in the EU.

    Location services?

    IP address?

    Turning off location services and using a VPN may work around this. It will be interesting to see how hard and far Apple will be willing to go to push enforcement.
  • What's really going on with Apple's modem chip efforts?

    I lived in San Diego for years and have had quite a few friends on Qualcomm's engineering teams, and this is what I've heard:

    Many of the nuts-and-bolts details of making cellular modems (especially everything from CDMA / 3G onward) are kept as trade secrets - they aren't in the patents or official specifications. The specifications cover the results you're supposed to achieve for successful compatibility, but how to actually meet those specs in the very messy real world of hideously-congested spectrum, signal blockage and reflections, MIMO, etc., has a difficulty level of "completely insane." Remember that Intel, one of the world's largest and most successful silicon engineering companies backed by a huge pile of operating cash and purchase agreements, fell flat on its face trying to do this. Their 4G modems were garbage and they could never get 5G to work at all. Apple also has loads of top-tier engineering talent and a mountain of cash, but they are going to have to hack through a lot of difficult problems along this journey and it's not surprising that they're behind schedule.

  • Apple promises macOS scanner fix in a future update

    This is just sloppy and another example of how Apple has been slacking on supporting and enabling professional users. No, I don't use my scanner every day or even every week... but when I need it, I need it. With a decent, mid-priced scanner, I can scan 200 pages in less than four minutes. Try doing that with an iPhone or iPad.
  • Open letter asks Apple not to implement Child Safety measures

    That's what eventually led to the warrantless wiretapping provision being eliminated by Congress: public pressure. However, there were plenty of people that were ignorant of the Patriot Act and what it contained, thus Edward Snowden's success in repackaging old news from the Patriot Act a decade later as if it were something new to be worried about.
    Warrentless wiretapping was never eliminated. The only restriction put into place were wiretaps that affected everybody in the US. So you could still have one order for "all devices east of the Mississippi" and another order for "all devices west of the Mississippi" and still be in compliance with the new law. Or an order allowing surveillance of "all Democrats" (or "all Republicans") and still be in compliance. From a privacy standpoint, it was a completely worthless gesture. From a propaganda perspective, it allows those who favor panopticon-level surveillance to lie and tell people that "Something Was Done!!!"

    But nice try, fedboi.
  • Apple Silicon transition may hit its two-year target with 2022 Mac Pro

    Gurman believes rumors about a final Intel Mac Pro are true, with one more apparently planned for launch. Rumors from July point to a Xeon W-3300 family CPU being used in an update, in parallel to Apple Silicon. 
    It makes sense to release a "final" Intel-based Mac Pro at the same time or slightly earlier than the Apple Silicon Mac Pro. There will be some highly CPU-optimized software out there (think vertical markets) that will not make the transition to Apple Silicon in a timely manner, because re-doing those optimizations is extremely expensive and time-consuming. Supporting these Intel-captive customers long enough for them to transition is a good idea.

    Keep in mind that there are people out there with decades of experience in optimizing code for x86 platforms and AMD/nVidia GPUs, but far fewer with that sort of experience on ARM in general and by defiition nobody with that much experience with Apple Silicon.