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  • iPhone 15 Ultra: What it may look like, and what to expect in 2023

    I think two A17s are required to have the name ‘ultra’.

    Currently, in iPhone 14, there is a huge gap in the area of the internal boards where the sim slot use to be. They haven’t properly redesigned the inside of the phones to use that space. (Because some international versions of iPhone 14 still use physical sims)
    iphone 15 could be the phone they fully utilize that space for two A17 dies interconnected like the M1 Ultra. 
  • Apple Silicon chips expected to be refreshed on an 18 month cycle

    To over-use a saying; Comparing Apple's Silicon release cycles to Intel's Release schedule is an 'Apple vs Oranges' comparison....but you can still compare them - Dave Burd...Scanning through the wiki articles about Intel processors...Intel has had many years of 12 month cycles, and an 18 month cycle recently, but the new generation processors offered very incremental improvements in terms of specs. Intel has also been stuck at 14nm for 6 years! If Apple can launch one node improvement (thank you TSMC) and incremental feature or spec bump in 18 months it would be, in my opinion, an improvement over Intel....though I don't expect the CPU alone to drive upgrades for me, personally. In my opinion it took 3 to 4 intel cycles (3 to 5 years) before the node seemed to make an appreciable difference in performance that I would consider 'worth' upgrading to get the new CPU. 

    Farewell, 14nm: Intel Launches Alder Lake - ExtremeTech

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  • Google really is evil, claims ex-employee lawsuit

    It always struck me as funny/pathetic ...'don't be evil' it is literally the lowest bar possible for 'goodness'. 
  • Move over Apple polishing cloth - Samsung has Z Flip jeans

    Now THAT is courage!
  • The groundwork is set for Apple 'Pro' ARM Mac chips

    I've said this before. I don't think they need to replace Intel in a 'mac book'. I don't like the conventional 'wisdom' that Apple will put their A-series in 'low-end' computers and replace Intel just for the sake of it. 

    I think they will position their A-series as a premium product and try to capture market by increasing the value perception of products with their chips. They need to attract buyers to their products not push their CPU to supplant someone else's.

    They have been doing this for years. Its called iPad. For a Pro iPad the price range is $799 to $1,649 with the following features that a Macbook doesn't have: 
    Touch display
    Liquid retina
    Pencil support
    True Tone
    P3 Wide Color gamut
    Two great camera (12 and 10 MP)
    LiDAR Scanner
    Faster than most PC laptops
    All Day battery
    Just over 1 pound

    The Macbook Air ranges from $999 to $2,249.

    I'm wondering how I can fit my light-work (emails, research, reading) and personal consumption uses into the iPad due to the clear feature advantaging it has over the Macbook. I have a generic Dell for my 'day job' of working within MS Office. I'm willing to spend on an iPad as much as I would on my mid-tier Mac Mini....the iPad is very capable and has some neat tricks too...I think give them another year to 18 months and they will have a 5nm A14z in the next iPad, plus camera or other features....idk, it makes the macbook look like something you'd 'have' to buy for windows compatibility, or full MS Office use, or XCode or something else...but not something fun and enjoyable. You can call the iPad entry level if you want but I'll bet Apple has fantastic margin on the product.