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  • OWC offering higher capacity and more affordable RAM options for 2019 iMac 5K

    Does anyone have experience with ram of say, 32GB or higher that can report on how the computer performs?

    I have 8GB, I do sometimes max out the ram and need to force quit apps but it is usually due to a Safari or MS Word/Excel error that isn't 'normal'. Under 'normal-to-me' operation (MS Office, Safari, scanner software, mail, messages, preview) I don't have an issue with 8GB ram. 
  • Intel officials believe that ARM Macs could come as soon as 2020

    I know this will sound crazy but I predict that Apple WILL NOT position the A-series as the low-end product, but instead position the A-series as the "High End" product categories.

    I think it is already happening with the price of iPad Pros. I think they will retain exclusive features compared to Intel Chips, maybe these will be performance (just look at the current iPad A-series, faster than what 92% of portable computers), or battery life, or specialized application support, or maybe it will just be a spec advantage, like more Ram or thinner products. 

    Now this could fail, and I could be 100% wrong about how they position the A-series as premium but I find it very hard to believe they would make a transition unless 1. The A-series is better than Intel. and if that is true then why make it a value low-profit product?? 
  • The new Mac mini is a great machine, but a $499 model could serve a larger audience

    I object to the argument that Apple is charging more an more for their product. Find an inflation calculator and enter what price you paid for your mac 20 years ago, 10 years ago, and 5 years ago. I think that inflation-adjusted apple's pricing is not increasing as dramatically as people think. 

    If inflation is confusing, think about how much you would spend on lunch about 15 years ago...$8? $5? now it is difficult to get out for lunch for less than $20.

    Lastly, think about how much more processing power is vs years ago. I'd say not only is processing power greater but it is now much MUCH greater than the software needs of the vast majority of people. For example, I remember when running MS office was a chore for the the processing is WAY more than needed for that basic task. 

    (the $2,499 I spent on a G4 tower in 1999 would cost me $3,787 today.)
    (the iPhone 3G 8GB cost $599 in 2008, that's $702 in today's dollars, compare to the XR today at $749 but vastly superior)
  • No Lightning or USB-C in a future iPhone is a very bad idea

    Why can't the connector (Someday) be one of those flush-mount ones like on the Surface, or it could be under a small panel like the Apple Watch. Used only when absolutely necessary. It if was like the Apple Watch with a small panel, that panel could be removed and it could function with a case for charging or other purposes. 
  • Video: iPhone X vs Note 8 - Real World Comparison after 1 month

    "Because of that, we have face unlock, iris scanning, and fingerprint scanning."

    Why does he say "WE" have, referring to an Android phone. This seems like blatant bias.