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  • Apple's iPhone XS Max smashes Google's Pixel 3 in benchmark testing

    I still want to see a video that times opening, in sequence, all the “same” apps on each phone (twice) like we used to get every year. Like, start the same game on each and when it’s ready to play move on to rendering out the same video on each device, and then on to the next app, etc. 
    I'm certain EverythingApplePro did that on Youtube
  • Photography expert debunks iPhone XS 'beautygate,' details Apple's software-driven camera ...

    saltyzip said:
    Be interesting to see what dxomark make of the new IPhone's, as the premium android phones have outshone the iphone camera for a while now, iPhone X in 8th place.
    6th place actually as there are phones with similar marks
  • iOS 12.1 beta includes support for Face ID in landscape mode, likely for iPad Pros

    anome said:
    I'm still not sure what the technical limitations on FaceID in landscape mode are. I presume that it's something other than the sensor sees the image, with TrueDepth data, on its side, and can't translate, since that should be easy in software. Is there something about the arrangement of the dot-projector or the IR sensor that means it can't map onto the face properly when in landscape mode?
    I also don't get the idea, at least the dot projector is almost square with its projection so I don't see a problem in working left/right upside/down
  • Apple focuses on size with 'Illusion' ad for iPhone XS & XS Max

    rrrize said:
    I'm a life long Apple fanboy with an iPhone X and I absolutely HATE the notch! HATE!!! In all seriousness and reasonableness, the notch is a genuinely stupid concept. Why would they choose to put an obstruction INSIDE the screen limiting some of your video viewing content?  Let me put it another way.... why would you put a bezel INSIDE the screen???  Bezels are borders. Why put a border as an obstruction inside the viewing area of a screen??  It is literally a stupid design choice, but it passes muster ONLY because Apple did it. Samsung's Note 8/9 is not only aesthetically better but does not rob the user ANY video real estate. If I were not such a maniacal hoarder of iMessage and SMS conversation histories, I would have traded in my iPhone X for a Note 9 this year and kept the Samsung until Apple eliminates the notch - and I am 100% sure Apple will eventually boot the notch once they come up with a way to embed Face ID and/or fingerprint sensor invisibly in the screen.  Till that time, I guess I will just hang on to my iPhone X and be pissed off everytime it stares back at me on a solid white screen or when I am watch a full screen movie. ...sigh : (
    You know that you can double tap on the screen and the video will be shown entirely, just do that and pretend the black bars are part of the frame similar to older phones. The notch is like 99% of using the phone while watching videos is occasionally for the majority of people
  • Everything you need to know about Apple Watch Series 4

    I'll be very interested to see how they handle text size and wrapping with the rounded corners. This is how it's handled on the current watches:

    If they merely scale this to the larger window, it will be cut off in the corners when scrolling. And note the default system size text -- will it be the same to accommodate more text in the new space, or will it be upscaled to be more legible in the larger display area?
    They showed examples of how apps like email and calendar etc look like on a larger screen kinda to show how the text is handled, you can compare to that