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  • Hidden Lightning connector found in Apple TV 4K ethernet port

    The Lightning connector has 8 pins, but the image in the tweet only has 7 solder points. How does that work?
  • Editorial: Apple's removal of 3D Touch is a backwards step for 'Pro' iPhones

    PujiMak said:
    I’m quite disappointed when updating iOS13 on my iPhone XS.. 3D Touch was totally scrap. For a phone which has 3D Touch capability, the software turned off this feature. Like WTF. Honestly this really annoying.. even my colleagues tend to agree with me. 

    Yes 3D Touch wasn’t really popular for the masses. But Power Users aka Pro Users.. really utilise this. 

    So for this, I’m quite sad about it. 
    gatorguy said:
    Lacreid said:
    netrox said:
    I agree. I don't really like the Haptic Touch. 3D Touch was way much better and faster. But given the fact that it added substantial cost to iPhone and not many people took advantage of 3D, it just no longer make sense to keep supporting it.
    Apple removed 3D Touch not because of cost, but because of two main factors:
    1. As much as I loved it, VERY FEW people used it. Discovery of allowed shortcuts was crap, and the experience was inconsistent. A smallish group of pro / hardcore users loved the feature like I did, but it was hardly a top 10 feature for the masses.
    2. Removing the 3D touch components created a TON of space inside iPhones to expand the battery. Those extra 4-5 hours come from a more efficient processor, AND a bigger battery. 

    I guess, given the hard choice, I would choose longer battery life and haptic touch over the alternative. I still miss 3D touch, particularly with Peek / Pop and in the keyboard.
    Why did it have to be disabled in the models that shipped with the proper hardware and offered it as a feature? Totally honest question. Are you sure it's been removed from the previous models with iOS13?

    Removing features after the purchase isn't something that users tend to take lightly, see Nest and the camera notification light for example. 
    Not sure why people think 3D Touch has been removed in iOS 13, but I can confirm that it is still present and appreciated for my XS Max. It's one of the main reasons why I'm hesitant to go to the 11 Pro Max, but I'm sure I will enjoy the better battery life that comes with the trade off.
  • Judge orders Apple to access iPhone belonging to San Bernardino shooter [u]

    Apparently, the judge magistrate doesn't understand words like "cannot" and "never" or even just "encryption."
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