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  • Samsung Galaxy fire blamed in evacuation of Southwest flight

    This business will get out of control. It will get out of control, and we'll be lucky to live through it.
    Long live Fred Thompson.  Probably would have been a good Prez.   Top 10 movie in general too.
  • Five years after Steve Jobs: an Apple with the courage to say 'No'

    Great article until you brought the Clinton made up scandals into it.  I'm guessing you live in wealthy west coast rarefied air surrounded by sycophants and have no concept of how very little you have in common with the average national Democrat in this era.  Stick to bashing android and pc's
  • Study claims Apple avoided paying $65.08B in US taxes in 2015 through offshore arrangements

    lkrupp said:
    spice-boy said:
    Is Apple morally wrong for taking advantage of these laws? Yes.
    And what “moral” code are you referring to? Some self-evident, ethereal, socialist pablum?
    My thoughts exactly. If I hear 'fair share' one more time from someone.....I'll send them into the educational and social abyss areas of this country so they can see where THEIR fair goes.  When 45 percent of the US pays no federal tax who do you think they will...... eh.... screw it.....long live apple upgrade cycles and dividend raises.  
    designrtallest skil
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls EU tax ruling 'total political crap,' cites potential anti-US sentiment

    All arguments presuppose taxation as such is moral, of course.
    Already 2 dislikes.  In 20 years, Bernie Sanders will have be seen as a conservative here.  The only reason we won't be Venezeula in 50 years is that we started from a higher economic level.  All in for the new MacBook Pro.
  • Apple adds 100 emoji to latest iOS 10 beta, promotes diversity and gender equality

    ncil49 said:
    More trashing white men.  How very tolerant and enlightened.  If, for example, it weren't for the 99 percent of dead white men on the Allied side in WW 2 this topic wouldn't exist...

    If all those dead white men had not had legions of oppressed black men pressed into labouring the supply of endless tons of ordnance rather than fighting (don't give them guns!) then what do you suppose the majority skin colour of the beached corpses would have been? The USA had learned by Vietnam that sending greater numbers of 19 year old black's and hispanic's into combat was more socially acceptable than the loss of white teenagers.

    White men have earned their trashing.
    Let's see. The facts are 2/3 of Vietnam soldiers were volunteers and 86 percent killed were white.  I don't think your generation has the intelligence to parse truth and fantasy.  And everyone was pressed into labor during ww2.

    for the past 10 thousand years every race deserves trashing. Nothing like African blacks with their machetes killing about a million of their neighbors in the 90s.  Japanese, Chinese, Central America and let's not forget about the current trash in the Middle East.  It never ends. Everybody has earned their trashing.  

    Again. It's cool and acceptable to bash whites.  I understand.  

      And its its a class thing and intelligence thing now. Race is incidental.  I could go on from Jews at 125 to African blacks at 75 but that is certainly out of bounds.  Love the minority racists and apologetic whites with 1000 excuses.

    Now long live Apple and the serfdom it creates among many.

    thewhitefalcontallest skilmike1gtr