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  • Samsung Galaxy fire blamed in evacuation of Southwest flight

    This business will get out of control. It will get out of control, and we'll be lucky to live through it.
    Long live Fred Thompson.  Probably would have been a good Prez.   Top 10 movie in general too.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls EU tax ruling 'total political crap,' cites potential anti-US sentiment

    All arguments presuppose taxation as such is moral, of course.
    Already 2 dislikes.  In 20 years, Bernie Sanders will have be seen as a conservative here.  The only reason we won't be Venezeula in 50 years is that we started from a higher economic level.  All in for the new MacBook Pro.
  • hosts tribute to late boxer Muhammad Ali

    koop said:
    The same people who think any complex issue can be boiled down with simple anecdotes and catchphrases are predictably demanding a more nuanced look at Ali's life, lest the whole "liberal media" be spinning their moral decay all over this great (white) country.

    I'm all for a hardened look at someone's legacy. But I've been on the internet for over half my life and have seen the destructive discourse that has amplified over the past decade, and refuse to believe anyone who insists their critical opinions that conveniently show up when a famous minority dies are based purely on intellectual motives.

    Fuck off.
    Really?  Fuck off?  That's it?  Not a lot of room for other views on this board.
  • Apple adds 100 emoji to latest iOS 10 beta, promotes diversity and gender equality

    It'll be fun when people in 100 years or so look back at our time. They'll probably be furious to see how we squandered our freedom. 
    no, they'll just laugh at all the dead white guys who were so frightened about...well, everything. 
    More trashing white men.  How very tolerant and enlightened.  If,for example, it weren't for the 99 percent of dead white men on the Allied side in WW 2 this topic wouldn't exist and we would all be enslaved by really bad white men.  

    As long as apple is still engaged in serious computing and design I really don't care if they produce a rainbow colored IPhone (which they will) and everything PC thing under the sun.  Good for the advancement of the ecosystem.  You see most white men tolerate this PC stuff quite well.....for various reasons.

  • hosts tribute to late boxer Muhammad Ali

    the.bear said:
    ncil49 said:
    I point it out only because I believe most people see only one side and never look for another 
    Unless you are evenhanded and do this both to people that you admire and support and to people that you dislike then you are pretty much what your accusers say you are. I agree that a lot of the people who are sweeping Ali's failures under the rug are quick to point out the flaws of public figures that they disagree with. I am merely stating that you are no better than those that you accuse.
    I'm pretty even handed.   Thanks for accusing.  Is anyone disparaging me even old enough to actually remember his fights?  Back on point though.... Apple is meandering and lost as a company and a car is certainly not the answer.
  • Five years after Steve Jobs: an Apple with the courage to say 'No'

    Great article until you brought the Clinton made up scandals into it.  I'm guessing you live in wealthy west coast rarefied air surrounded by sycophants and have no concept of how very little you have in common with the average national Democrat in this era.  Stick to bashing android and pc's
  • During military coup, Turkey's President Erdogan uses Apple's FaceTime for televised iPhone intervi

    apple ][ said:
    I don't like that dictator. Hopefully he gets what's coming to him. :#

    It's quite ironic that the censorship happy dictator, who loves to censor news and the internet is desperately communicating through the internet, using FaceTime.

    Obama has of course already spoken out in support of the freedom hating dictator.

    The world could use more coups. It's time to throw out the trash. :D 
    Turkey is a member of NATO and a primary US ally in the Middle East, so Obama doesn't have much leeway in whether he gets to "support" the country. But if you don't like dictators, think about the Republican nominee and his bromance with Putin and his accolades for Saddam Hussein. The US has its own conservative right wing & religious fundamentalists who been marching toward converting the nation into this exact same type of religious-dictatorship. I hope you feel the same way about freedom in the US as you express regarding Turkey.
    Hahahahaha.  Since you went there....Walk a mile every day among people with IQs of 80 who vote with the radical Venezuelan type left Democratic Party.   You will be enlightened.  Their kids and your kids will be peers.  Your kids minds will be infiltrated and destroyed and you will lose them.  It would scare the s**t out of you.  It's real.  Unspoken and real.  But you are an editor for Apple insider.  I understand that you can't understand a viewpoint different than yours.  Walk a mile with coked out moms, hard core child abusing parents deep in the white, black, latin ghettos.  I do it every day.  They will take it ALL with facilitation from the current Democratic Party.  Do it. Walk to your OB floor at the local county hospital.  Ask to spend a few weeks shadowing.  Walk to the county courthouse contains any major city and listen for a few weeks. This is America's future.  Talk to some Venezuelans in the US.  You know any?  See what the have to say.
    Screw you for saying anyone in the US is a conservative Saddam Hussein.  And Tim Cook better be careful not to turn Apple into Microsoft to bring it sort of on topic.
    tallest skil