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  • iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 - $999 premium smartphones head-to-head

    lghulm said:
    So higher resolution screen - but beyond the point it makes a useful real world difference, so irrelevant

    Large screen is good. 

    More RAM - but only required because Android runs poorly, even with triple the ram capable of no more than the Apple model

    Why does it matter? Anyway, my Pixel 3a XL ran just fine on 4GB.

    Screen capable of higher refresh - but no practical purpose for a normal user, phone will not run demanding games at such a high rate anyway

    Why not? Same can be said for Apple and their specs. Why make a phone so fast?

    5G Networking - but 5G footprint is basically non-existent and 4G provides sufficient speed for every consumer use case

    And why not have what's available? you want yesterday's tech?

    Higher res camera - but no consumer use case for such high megapixels

    Really? Lame comment.

    Larger battery - but no more or worse real world battery life

    That's all you can come up with? Drawing at straws?

    Wow outstanding Samsung.

  • Apple loses ground to Samsung in European smartphone market

    KidGloves said:
    Apple is selling the 256GB iPhone 8 for more than a 512GB Galaxy S10. There's your problem right there for Apple.
    In a world where top-line Android phones are decent all-round machines, Apple is seen a being greedy. As a 30 year Apple user who has bought tens of thousands of pounds worth of Apple gear in that time, I'm getting totally fed up with the high prices and limited choice in each segment such as desktop Macs.
    In the past, it was worth it as Windows was a nightmare world I didn't want to enter into. Now though Windows and Android have got to the point of being passable. I might just make the move.

    Similar situation and made the switch this year. Very happy with Windows 10 and my pixel phone.