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  • Maxed out 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro at $6699 isn't Apple's most expensive laptop ever

    I could never imagine spending nearly $7,000 on a laptop, and I do a lot of photo & video editing for my work. But I could see for some professionals it could be feasible. 
  • Face ID iPad, MacBook, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, 11-inch iPad Pro in Apple's 2018 product lin...

    Um...if Ming is saying Apple will increase the size of the 10.5” iPad Pro to 11” because they are doing away with the bezels...then wouldn’t the 12.9” iPad Pro become a 13.5” iPad Pro?
  • Now-fixed Apple code crashed iOS devices when users typed 'Taiwan'

    Love Apple. But This is the kind of hypocrisy that pisses me off about Apple. They make such a strong stand on so many important issues. The environment, gay rights, immigration and privacy. But then they throw those principals right out the window and bend over for China every time. 
  • Some of Apple's 2018 iPhones may come in new colors like Blue and Orange

    Knock! Knock!
    Who’s there?
    Orange who?
    NO! No Orange iPhone! I am NOT glad to see you! Orange?! Seriously?

  • Developer shares proof an iPad with Face ID is coming

    Speed1050 said:
    I love my iPad Pro. OneDrive with SharePoint and Adobe apps along with an Apple pencil have transformed how I do a lot of my work. 

    Mostly the the iPad is propped on my desk, six hours a day. It goes to sleep all the time, but wakes super quickly with my finger without any effort. 

    FaceID would mean picking it up every few minutes to wake it, and would massively disrupt how I use it. 

    I know now it’s coming, and it works great on a device you mostly hold, but I’m not convinced at all on it for iPad. :(
    I would imagine that like the iphone x, face ID would work fine on the iPad. Just look at your ipad, wether you are holding it or it’s on a table...and it will scan your face. I mean, you say you keep your ipad on the you currently have to reach your hand out to touch the home button. I would think just simply looking at your ipad on the table and having face ID automatically turn on your ipad would be far simpler and easy. I don’t think Apple will release an ipad pro with face ID that costs over a thousand dollars if it didn’t work flawlessly. My question is that unlike the iphone, since many people use the ipad in landscape mode, will Apple put a face ID camera on the side as well? Or will one face ID camera suffice? Guess we will find out soon enough.