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  • Apple silently kills off some colors for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch accessories

    in other words:
    Fall is coming. Now for this Fall/Winter collection we have a warm Brown tone case with the fitting Scottish Pleat in covered Reds ..... (Burberry is coming)
    it makes using you iPhone so much better /s
  • Shares of Apple close at all-time high of $160.08, blowing past previous record

    Apple could always Split 1 to 5 and give a other Run up to 150 in the next 10 years.
    1 was gifted one Apple Stock a number of years ago. (Oct 2001)
    it Doubled once
    and then split 7 fold.
    making the Gesture of one Stock in a frame value at the time 1 US Dollar
    now 14 stock valued at  $ 2240
    Now if.......
    equality72521bshankronnanton zuykov
  • Breaking the trend: why Apple is likely to release both an 'iPhone 7s' and 'iPhone 8' this...

    mrshow said:
    It's going to hilarious when there's no "iPhone 8" released. Because why would they, it breaks all the naming/release norms they've established. 
    If so, Windows 95 must be 85 versions newer than Windows 10.
    in case you missed it there was a Window 7 then 8 then because of protest 8.1 and windows 9 that got renamed 10 to try to get some closure on the Bad Press "Microsoft" was having and to Brake a losing streak. Now apple has had the Most awful run in with this Product called iPhone the first model was a 2G could't be bothered with a 1 and then the 3G instead of a 3H which would have been logical. Because of the Confusion the decide to drop the letter with the 4 only to add a "s" to the moniker when they failed to deliver on the new Teardrop iPhone we were Promised so who know what will be next. I hope Apple is taking enough time to read all the rumour sights so that they can make some late production changes in time for the release this fall.  /s
  • Phil Schiller again defends Touch Bar MacBook Pro's 16GB RAM limitation

    spheric said:
    wiggin said:
    Apple decided they wanted to prioritize the thinness and weight of the new laptop. Ok, cool, tell us why that's important and why the trade-off of lower max RAM was the way to go. Tell us how Apple feels that is more important to the majority of their customers. Own that design decision, don't use it as an excuse for compromises elsewhere in the design. If they blame battery life then they are just blaming themselves because the size of the battery was also their design decision.

    If they can't defend the thinness design decision and explain the benefits, then you really have to wonder if it was a valid design requirement to begin with.
    There is nothing to defend.

    People are attacking mobile machines for being, first and foremost, mobile machines. 

    It's THEIR compass that is off, not Apple's. 
    Actually Apples Compass is off. They introduced the new Mac Book as a Pro Machine when they showed the Setup with 2x 5K monitors and 2 Promise Raid's they more or less are trying to Sell a Portable Machine as a Fully capable Desktop Pro. So they will have to face the Music when they get called out for Cutting Corners in the Department of "PRO" 
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  • Apple to release 4.7" and 5.5" 'iPhone 8' models, no 5" version for 2017

    Now all we have to do is backpedal on the fact that next years iPhone is not going to be a iPhone 8 but a iPhone 7s and realise that iPhone development is not spontaneous but takes time and any Rumors about a new iPhone 8 just might be a year to soon. It happened last year and the year before. The Question is credibility and if it is worth it loosing it reporting on the Same Shi....t earlier every year. Its sort of like being able to buy Christmas cookies in September but then again we can. But why do we keep quoting that Chines conman, he just uses buckshot and then claims he is a sniper.
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