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  • Apple fires back in Epic Games 'Fortnite' saga, seeks damages for breach of contract

    I remember a mac world where Nvidia jumped the gun about there great graphic cards that would be the next mac. It ended with Nvidia no longer showing up in a mac officially. Apple has a we will never forget attitude. Apple almost never licenses software from a company that took them to court. It’s often petty on apples part they should be bigger than that but they seldom are. Epic killed it’s golden goose. They might as well move on. 
  • Apple, Qualcomm reach modem licensing deal to end 'no license, no chips' trial

    So the cool Meeting between CEO’s that didn’t bring anything brought a resolve. What would the results have been if the meeting had been greate 🤪
  • Do-it-yourself Abode Iota security system features HomeKit integration, 1080p camera

    I see a company that is going to be changing there name in the Future. I had to read it 3 times before i noticed that my brain was autocorrecting what i was reading.
  • Apple is de-bloating iTunes with latest 12.7 release, removes App Store

    Do you know which iOS Apps you bought. Are you sure they are still there or has apple with one strike removed every attempt to recover a older version or did it actully exist what Proof do you have non (your Purchase Library is not complete and who is going to stop apple editing it). Ohh you can re download them using the App store on your Phone. You can't even search the list. Tried scrolling 1000 apps and finding a previous Purchase. In the Past they just hid features now they just Amputated the head of the Tool that I use to make my App collection manageable. Whats next you don't need to Manage your Music your using Apple Music, why don't we just erase your 400 GB Music library. Just made a Backup of My Mobile Applications Folder on the Off chance that they decide they want to delete it. Thats 120GB on the off chance that they decide I no longer need it. WOW Thats why the new MacBook Pros have so small SSD Drives Lets make room by getting rid of iTunes. Great Job Apple /s

    Should apple read Apple insider. I consider this a Breach of Faith. I was thinking about a early upgrade of my iPhone, guess whats not going to happen.
  • Apple silently kills off some colors for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch accessories

    in other words:
    Fall is coming. Now for this Fall/Winter collection we have a warm Brown tone case with the fitting Scottish Pleat in covered Reds ..... (Burberry is coming)
    it makes using you iPhone so much better /s