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  • Apple still hasn't fixed macOS Ventura's network bug

    I use my imac as a file serve to access external drives with media. I started having issues accessing from my MacBook Pro with Monterey. Found a fix something with activating SMB2 because Apple had switched to SMB3. With the arrival of Ventura back to square one, nothing worked and with each update no fix in sight. 
    Then i found a fix that works for me. Some where on the web (sorry can’t find the source any more to give credit)
    was to check if you drive icons have custom icons (like to do that so that you know which drive you ejected and don’t remove the wrong one).  So one burnt offering had to be made for a functioning SMB. Removed and saved the custom icons for a later day. Restarted the iMac. Since then file sharing works again. Open “cmd I” on the drive click on the top icon and “cmd X” you should get a generic drive icon. Worked for me but haven’t had the opportunity to test it in other setups. 
  • Rumor: iPhone 15 USB-C cable limited to USB 2.0 speeds, has no MFi

    and when you use a thunderbolt 2 3 or 4 Kabel you get the Relevant speed. As Apple with Intel hold the patent?
    The next question is do I get up to 90W charging with the right Kabel and power supply, like with the iPads?
    forgot usernamewatto_cobra
  • Breaking the trend: why Apple is likely to release both an 'iPhone 7s' and 'iPhone 8' this...

    Things don't always turn out as expected. The teardrop phone from a few years ago never materialized. ...
    The Teardrop Phone (iPhone Cover Makers went Broke because they where 100% sure) i believe was it was Steve's last Revenge. A Red Herring that was played out to compleation to get those Suppliers that think that a DNA is a Suggestion and not a Mandate. I don't know what it cost Apple to keep up the farce by paying for Parts they didn't need. That bring us to the saying that applies to all Apple rumors "Those that know don't Talk" & "Those that Talk don't Know" So why are they talking, they have alternate motives, there suppliers are there customers and they want to create market value in the form of Volatility on the stock market. Even small tremors are enough for those who manipulate. (Analyst) when do we get are share :smiley: 
  • Shares of Apple close at all-time high of $160.08, blowing past previous record

    Apple could always Split 1 to 5 and give a other Run up to 150 in the next 10 years.
    1 was gifted one Apple Stock a number of years ago. (Oct 2001)
    it Doubled once
    and then split 7 fold.
    making the Gesture of one Stock in a frame value at the time 1 US Dollar
    now 14 stock valued at  $ 2240
    Now if.......
    equality72521bshankronnanton zuykov
  • Apple fires back in Epic Games 'Fortnite' saga, seeks damages for breach of contract

    I remember a mac world where Nvidia jumped the gun about there great graphic cards that would be the next mac. It ended with Nvidia no longer showing up in a mac officially. Apple has a we will never forget attitude. Apple almost never licenses software from a company that took them to court. It’s often petty on apples part they should be bigger than that but they seldom are. Epic killed it’s golden goose. They might as well move on. 
  • Apple FCC filing shows Apple TV-sized device with Bluetooth, NFC under review

    Go for a new AirPort Express that gets a upgrade to AC being the only network device that hasn't supported that standard.
  • Apple, Qualcomm reach modem licensing deal to end 'no license, no chips' trial

    So the cool Meeting between CEO’s that didn’t bring anything brought a resolve. What would the results have been if the meeting had been greate 🤪
  • MacKeeper threatens 14-year-old YouTube video maker with harassment suit

    A Virus is a Virus is a Virus. A door opener for others.

    A virus has been Detect on your Computer Do you want to remove it. (DOWNLOAD) >:)