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  • Apple FAQ responds to investor queries about $14.5B EU tax edict

    latifbp said:
    latifbp said:
    To add some facts to the general slamming of the so called extortion racket. Don't get me wrong - I love Apple products but they have been skirting their responsibilities for a long time like many other multi nationals. I don't like taxes either (I live in France....) but at a certain point we have to say its enough when corporations pay next to nothing for Billions in profits. Have a look at what happend in Ireland:
    Wear all the Capri pants you want. It doesn't change the actual facts versus the 'facts' as you want them. Apple was almost St bankrupt in the 1990's and this tax rate was already long in place. No advantage. Innovation and good decisions helped Apple succeed. Not the fucking EU.
    you need to get over this obsession with capri pants
    Why do Euro men love them so much?
    I don't know but also I don't know any man who wears them.
    They're all over the place! Just search it. Tons of hits
  • With $231B in cash, Apple's $14.5B EU tax hit doesn't concern Wall Street

    cnocbui said:
    If I go into a shop and buy an iPhone, I will pay 23% vat.  Apple is asked to pay 12.5%, but they are the ones being 'robbed'.  Amazing.
    It'll keep going up for you even more once Apple has to increase prices in Europe if this ever goes through. You can bet Apple's money will not be invested further than they already are there in Europe. Can't wait until you feel the effects
  • With $231B in cash, Apple's $14.5B EU tax hit doesn't concern Wall Street

    knowitall said:
    Apple can pay that amount, that's clear to anyone, but moral damage could be far worse.
    If Apple isn't perceived as a morally right company but instead as a money machine only, people could boycot Apple and search for (much cheaper) alternatives.
    Microsoft got hammered by the EU (also a multi billion case) and wasn't the better for it; once convicted always a criminal.

    A good example is AH in holland (very big in the US also) they got into 'extorting' the suppliers because they had all the power.
    At some point the public became aware of that and boycotted AH (by not buying); AH reversed its 'policy' almost immediately ...
    It's the EU who's looking like a greedy money grubbing welfare hog
  • Turkey's deputy PM encourages Apple to move in wake of EU tax ruling

    Grimzahn said:
    Violating the law and then moving would make me switch to Android.  Going to watch veryt closely Mr Cooks stance and actions.
    How 'bout you just switch to Android now and get your begging for welfare from Apple out of here. Just get it over with now so we don't need to hear your entitled to others' money bullshit
  • Tim Cook responds to $14.5B EU tax bill with open letter, says decision will be reversed

    Gillus said:
    I'm French and I'm getting pissed off by all the EU bureaucrats. This decision is just stupid. I suspect something else at stake here. Perhaps a "vengeance" for the Volkswagen scandal and heavy punishment by US ? Except that in Dieselgate, there was a  fraud. But there is no fraud here.
    Thank you!