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  • Apple could use Foxconn to assemble an 'Apple Car'

    dewme said:
    emcnair said:
    Apple has $193.82 billion in cash. If they are serious about building a car, then they should just buy an existing automobile manufacturer. For example, Mazda is currently worth 5.44 billion.
    I think Mazda is already outsourcing a lot of its own manufacturing but I suppose it would give them some relationships already in place. 

    I’d love to see Apple do the assembly in Wisconsin at the site that was set aside for the Foxconn fiasco. Something good could actually come from the political theater that took place there. The people of Wisconsin and the US deserve better than what they’ve been dealt. 
    The Foxconn Wisconsin site was not designed for the manufacture of cars -- the promise was screens. 

    Janesville Wisconsin was the site of a GM plant. Closed of course. Is there still a source of labor and skill from there?  But, there is no mass transit to bring the labor to the Foxconn site. True to form, Republican Governor Walker way back when, made sure to kill a train line, part of Obama's economic recovery proposals that might have been useful for this purpose. 
  • Apple clarifies how to pay for devices interest-free with Apple Card

    I bought my MacBook Air M1 using Apple Card payments. The complexity for me is the accounting for it. 

    I use Quicken -- not software which allows double entry accounting -- which would be overkill.

    Anyway, the Apple Card loan doesn't appear as a loan. You have a debt for the product, but without a counterbalanced account. What happens is your Apple Card limit is decreased by this debt. Your minimum monthly payment includes the monthly amount of this debt. Say, you pay at least the minimum on March 1. Apple does not record that payment split between the loan debt and the credit card debt. No, Apple doesn't credit you on the loan debt payment until March 31 or say April 1. At that point, you have to enter counterbalancing transaction to pay off that month's portion the loan debt, and behind the scenes your Apple Card limit increases by that amount. 

    You can't readily see that loan debt payoff in your Wallet. It just tells you 4 of 12 payments on the debt has been made, but it's not part of the list of Apple Card transactions. 

    Generally, I'd like to see explicit transactions shown in the Wallet. Apple has been making improvements in the wallet -- this is one that I think is needed. 
  • Judge rules Tim Cook must sit through seven-hour 'Fortnite' deposition

    loopless said:
    I have been deposed and have endured a 10 hour deposition. It’s a nightmare for even the best prepared. You are questioned relentlessly by the opposing counsel. I can understand how people crack under the pressure of interrogation.
    It depends on the purpose of the deposition. If the opposing side is merely getting evidence for trial, then its just documents and explanations for the documents. 

    I'm sure with Fortnite, the deposition is going to be adversarial, and very confrontational. One can also be sure, Apple is going to depose Fortnite leaders, and treat these people with equal aggression.

    Apple will also get the Samsung data they want during deposition and discovery. Just because Apple can't get Samsung info directly from Samsung, does not mean they will not be able to get that information from Fortnite. 
  • Apple to adopt a 'go big or go home' strategy for 'Apple Car,' analyst says

    kknopp01 said:
    Elon Musk figured out how to do it in America.  It made him the world's richest man.  Why can't Apple be that smart?
    Musk is the richest man because the richest Americans got massive tax breaks and PPP money from the Fed. The money had to go somewhere.

    In April 2020, TSLA was about $70. Today it's $850. Richest investors have been infected with the pandemic virus Tesla Speculatis. There is no recovery. 

    Equivalently this about a 75% interest rate, and the price earning ratio is about 1700. 
  • Apple purged 94,000 games from China App Store in 2020

    leighr said:
    Shame China doesn’t have any laws about copyright, spyware and intellectual property. 
    Of course they do. The law says you need to copy, spy and abuse intellectual property for make benefit glorious People's Republic of China.
    Of course you must be aware of US history on protection of intellectual property, right? 

    The US was the worlds biggest thief of foreign intellectual property until the mid 1800's when some on the population started to create such property that it wanted to protect. On the copyright side, the big reason was Mark Twain. Before that, the US wasn't about to bow to pressure from foreign governments to give protection to their businesses and authors. 

    Up until very recently, the US still ignored many International intellectual property laws. 

    In my recent memory, the most newsworthy case involved a group which everyone here probably is familiar with. Monty Python. Foreign copyright laws protect "Moral Rights". The US never joined the 1893 Berne Convention specifically because that convention offered protection for moral rights of authors. 

    Monty Python got some protection in the US but it was one-off. The material from Monty Python was broadcast in the US in pieces so the full flavor of their antics were not allowed to show through. Their shows were, of course, developed and offered as a coherent set, and in the US, broadcasters didn't honor Monty Python's creativity in how they offered their skits. 

    Generally, the US only desires to protect economic side of intellectual property, and prefers to ignore non-economic principles. The Moral Rights are generally
             The right of attribution;
             The right to the publishing of materials or works;
             The right to have a work published under anonymous or pseudonymous means;
             The right to the inherent integrity of the work;
             The right to the preservation of the work from alteration of any kind.