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  • Apple Silicon Mac mini dev kit looks like a desktop iPad Pro

    Rayz2016 said:

    However, the more we learn about Apple's existing SoCs, and the Apple Silicon effort as a whole, the more confidence we have that Apple is indeed beating Intel in many respects already. The idea that Apple's custom silicon can only handle "mobile" workloads is the same sort of disparaging presumption that fueled the dismissive notion that iPads were only "media consumption devices" and not "real" on some level.
    Sorry, but without an external keyboard and mouse or trackpad the iPad WAS mostly just an output device and not a "real computer" capable of "real work".
    Fortunately, that is no longer the case -- iPad is wearing big boy pants now -- and ready to challenge MacBooks.  In fact, with yesterday's announcements, one wonders why one would choose a MacBook over the iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard.
    Incorrect. iPad supported physical keyboards literally from the day it was launched. I had one. A mouse is not required for a computer to be real — I also had computers without them.

    I have used my ipads for real work for my personal business for years. Email, Numbers, presentations, etc. Also enjoyed editing videos on it for family. 
    Sure.  But until now they've been half-assed implementations.  The Magic Keyboard is finally a worthy keyboard attachment.
    When do we get to the part where you insist the iPad isn’t a real computer because it doesn’t have a SCSI port?

    Because every office secretary I know would refuse to work on a device with no mouse / trackpad support.  It does not matter what the scientific definition of a real computer is.  However, up until the latest Magic Keyboard, previous iPad keyboards had *zero* penetration in offices for secretarial work loads.
  • Apple continues to struggle to establish a supply chain in India

    Far too many people think that low-cost + population are the only factors you need, but China and India are vastly different in industry. India might be able to get to where China is today, but it will be absolutely be a slower process than it took China. For better or worse, there are benefits to Chinese culture and government for Western production needs. The benefits are sometimes referred to as slave labour. Just because other countries respect worker rights more should not allow one that does not do so to dominate manufacturing. Tariffs and quotas are needed to protect human rights. Industrial manufacturing costs / efficiency should not be the only criteria that companies need to follow for selling to a country's consumers
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  • Going hands on with Nomad's Base Station Pro -- The first real free-placement Qi charger

    Don't trust the emf radiation field around these things.  It has not been mass tested enough.  Will let other guinea pigs test it out for me and maybe revisit the tech in ten years.  
  • Facebook app accesses iPhone camera without user's knowledge

    I found Instagram installed on my iPhone and I have no idea how it got there.  I did not install it.  I wonder if Zuckerberg is starting illegal installs of Instagram onto iPhones as well?  As soon as I saw a Zuck app on my phone, I promptly deleted it.
  • Apple sees 'lots of positives' and significant profits in China

    If China retaliates then Apple could move their plants out to Vietnam, India, etc. within a couple of Q's. There go the supply chains