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  • Going hands on with Nomad's Base Station Pro -- The first real free-placement Qi charger

    Don't trust the emf radiation field around these things.  It has not been mass tested enough.  Will let other guinea pigs test it out for me and maybe revisit the tech in ten years.  
  • Apple got tablets right, and created a whole new market with the iPad 12 years ago today

    The article misses the point of the current state of iPad all together.  Who really cares if Apple got iPad right?  The market they were going after has already been conquered, saturated, and now declining.  We are at 4 years of declining sales in this category that "Apple got right".  It's time for the iPad to branch out and target other markets such as by adding mouse support and going after new productivity markets where it is not reaching at present.
  • Spotify, others file EU complaint over Apple and Google app store practices

    Soli said:
    shrave10 said:
    Isn't Spotify always gloating how many more millions of subscribers they have over AM? Seems like their numbers don't walk the their talk. Not going to look good in court.
    If they can show that they've dropped or that their growth rate for iOS-baed devices has dropped since Apple Music started, I could see the EU saying that Apple had an unfair advantage. Look what they did to Microsoft long after Internet Explorer was the dominate browser engine being used.
    Spotify would never have reached this dominant size if Apple store policy was overly biased against them. If Spotify's growth slows because they have over 50 million subscribers and they are not able to roll over competitors as fast, it's not Apple's problem. Even if at some point in the future, AM subscriber takes the lead over Spotify, people may be choosing AM because they like it's integration with their Apple ecosystem. This isn't Apple's fault. All companies work to create the best user experience. Comparing Apple to Microsoft, Apple has around 16% market share in smartphones in EU while Microsoft was and still is a desktop monopoly. People can subscribe to Spotify thru the many deals they have with wireless carriers already. Their deals cover both, iPhones and Android phones sold by wireless carriers. In fact, Apple may want to do a counter-challenge of their own: to expose the dominant music label's licensing contracts with Spotify (which the labels have a stake in) as opposed to their their pricing for Spotify competitors. How is it that Spotify is able to make such attractive offers to carriers as opposed to their competitors?