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  • Apple's 2023 CarPlay is an Apple Car preview - and is scaring Detroit

    Has anyone yet considered the possibility that this new CarPlay IS the "apple car" project?
  • NYC subway commuters get creative rescuing AirPods dropped on tracks

    lkrupp said:
    lkrupp said:
    Another huge failure for Apple. So where are the Samsung ads making fun of AirPod users?
    C'mon man.  Give the persecution complex a rest for at least one thread.   Sweet Jeebus.

    On topic:  If Munster has lost 10 pair and a charging case, the issue is Munster more so than the AirPod.  He needs to invest in those cheap straps.

    Oh, so you’re saying that Apple is not the target of unceasing, malicious persecution from battalions of tech and financial writers who twist, spin, and mold everything Apple into a negative just to get clicks? 
    No, what I'm asking is for you to give it rest... at least for a single thread.  I thought that was pretty clear.  You enter almost every thread with the same woe is me tale of someone attacking the precious.  You never contribute positively to any thread you enter.  No general knowledge, no interesting anecdote, no humorous aside, no perfectly timed "well actually" [pushes up glasses] - who doesn't like to correct their fellow man, no hmmm, I did not know that... nothing except the same tired refrain of OMG somebody somewhere at some point said something about Apple that wasn't 100% flattering.  

    Take this article for instance.  There's nothing in it disparaging Apple or the AirPods.  It's simple a collection of anecdotal tidbits about the tribulations of using AirPods in the crowded NYC subway system with a bonus splash of Gene Munster weirdness.  Nothing connected to this article even suggests a failure by Apple.  Yet you've found a way to make the claim. Why? And yes, I am saying Apple is not the target of unceasing malicious persecution.  That's nothing more that excessive hyperbole.  Are there articles written that are negative about Apple?  Yeah sure there are.  Criticize them until the cows come home. But grinding every thread with the somebody's picking on Apple meme... that's an lkrupp thing, not an Apple thing.  Even in comments where you're trying to compliment Apple you can't seem to stop yourself from taking a dig at some perceived slight from some imaginary foe.  By all means, you do you.  Just sayin', some new material every now and then would be really appreciated.
    THANK YOU so much for clearly and concisely writing what I think every time I see that user post a comment. It is painfully exhausting reading that person’s constant negativity on EVERY thread that they post in. It really goes a long way towards making the comments section on this site quite an unfriendly and toxic environment.