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  • No, Apple did not switch to USB-C on its new MacBook Pros to profit from dongle & adapter sales

    For me dongles are just another tax on owning an Apple product. Like Cropr I outfit my primary workspaces with the adapters I need regularly (so I'm buying 2-3 each). Buying all new connectors ends up being a fair amount of money on an already premium priced laptop. Considering what these dongle likely cost to make, I too think Apple could have thrown in a set on a $2500 laptop. If they want to keep a sleek design, a sleek dongle pod in which to carry them could enhance the unboxing experience while furnishing the user with a place to put their hairball. Then there are the "occasional" use adapters. For my work, these include the A/V adapters. These guys are a super tax on Apple products because I hardly use them. I can't remember the last time I arrived and was able to plug directly into a projector--maybe the TiBook. I was one of the very few to use the expresscard port for I/O data collection, and those things were like $140 for a stupid RS232 connection because USB adapters were super flaky. I have never ever encountered a displayport projector in my travels (how many years has that been the port on mac laptops)....what's up with that. I say quit the "if we build it, they will come" attitude. The USB-C future cannot come soon enough (if ever does in the lifespan of a laptop) and then what will I do with all these damn adapters. Since my only option is to ditch the OS, I'll make a constructive suggestion. Go to the major "accessory" manufacturers (Kennsington, OWC, Belkin, BenQ, Sony, .....) and use some of the $200 billion cash reserve to help them roll out USB C products sooner rather than later--better yet, do it before you roll out a professional machine with nothing but.
  • Apple's new Touch Bar MacBook Pros and the future of Macs

    For those who complain about the writing in this article, I'd like to see you do better, especially for a technical article.

    Daniel I am interested in an article from you about the "future of the macbook pro" and how it would fit into the professional's ecosystem. While there has been much to do about the donglapocalypse, I'm thinking it's actually a clue to the future. I'm interested in those of us who use our laptop on the go and "plug in" when we are at our office/desk for a quicker more optimised experience--docking station if you must. This is where I see things going....suffer the portability gap while away but plug in via fast bus pci-USBc-TB3 ports--Matrix--when in the office/home. Then there is the touch bar coordination between 'on the go' and at home/office....I would certainly rather use a external keyboard with a touch bar with laptop in clamshell jacked into storage-montors-external-gpu-ethernet, and the like, and just kiss my desktop goodbye---since that is what's happening to desktops anyway. A bus like TB3 makes that possible for the first time even if it is not as fast (yet) as a system bus, and a local wireless connection is just out of the question.

    I invite you to speculate.
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  • Florida sheriff vows to arrest Tim Cook if Apple won't comply with court orders

    I have a feeling that Mr. Judd is going to wish he and his department had better and more encryption soon, instead of less.