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  • Apple's limited edition Olympic Apple Watch straps feature national flag motifs, only available in

    Great. More watchbands. #smh 
    mjhnltallest skil
  • Intel's 7th-gen 'Kaby Lake' processors delivered to manufacturers

    jdw said:
    Agree about bringing back the 17". A huge retina screen and performance that beats the 15" would be reason to buy it. It doesn't matter if it "isn't so portable for most people." Today's 17" can be made thinner and lighter than the 17" of the past. Plus, if Apple ever does the right thing and implements a near borderless display (like the DELL XPS) then the machine can be made smaller still. It's really stupid not to offer it. And yes, I've sent Apple feedback on this point. So should you: http://www.apple.com/feedback/macbookpro.html
    Sent my feedback too, thanks. Should Apple implement a borderless screen design, they could offer a near 17" display with basically the same footprint as the current 15" rMBP. Honestly, there's little need for a design overhaul other than that, plus updated ports, and maybe a Space Grey chassis. The delay has been ludicrous, even their own employees agree to the dreadfully long wait. Chips for the MacBook Pro, Air, Mac mini, and Mac Pro have been available for a long time now, and Apple have had ample time to produce updated machines. You can't say it's all Intel's fault that the Mac Pro hasn't been updated for over 3 years or the MacBook Pro for over a year and a half. At least they could bring the prices down to retain some semblance of value. What's worrying me is their collective attempt to put iPad Pro forward as a competent Pro workstation replacement (particularly during their iPhone SE keynote) -sorry Tim, but it's not. 
  • Intel's 7th-gen 'Kaby Lake' processors delivered to manufacturers

    "however the first run of chips are not likely destined for Apple's MacBook Pro."

    And here's me wondering still when will we EVER get a new set of MacBook Pros. 
  • Survey: One in five may be poised to make jump to 'iPhone 7'

    TurboPGT said:
    Because that's what Apple has accustomed us to expect every two years? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
    Well that's idiotic. You don't just change things just to change them. If you achieve the best possible design, would you change to something worse just for the sake of change?

    The iPhone is still a rectangle with a glass screen and a home button. Hard to argue that the obsession with their design evolution is anything but trite and obnoxious.
    Your know-it-all attitude is what's trite and obnoxious. Apple has an industrial design team reporting directly to the CEO, and aesthetically pleasing designs seemed to matter plenty as they were churning out one exciting new release after another. Now it doesn't? "You don't just change things just to change them"? Well, Apple does. Did, at least.

    Besides, the gen 6 design is not what you'd call "the best possible design" that's exempt from change or criticism, certainly not in the way the gen 4 was perceived. You seem automatically inclined that any change to a new direction would result into something worse. Funny because those recent casing leaks you seem to be OK with truly are SOMETHING WORSE.
  • Video shows 'iPhone 7' mockups in Space Gray, gold and rose gold

    Yep, sticking to the 6 for one more year  :s