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  • Apple launches keyboard service program for 'small percentage' of MacBook, MacBook Pro own...

    I purchased a 2016 MacBook Pro in February. I noticed the typed key doubling effect (which created results like "appple" or "Macbbook". I chalked it up to the keyboard being different to type on and soldiered on. About a month before I left Costa Rica, my keyboard failed entirely - pressing buttons would do nothing. Unfortunately, the Apple Stores there do not honor the US warranty, something that left me alarmed. Fortunately I had already scheduled a trip back to the US. Upon my return, I went to the Apple Store Wellington Green to get it fixed. In a little under a week, I had my computer back, good as new. Actually, better than new. The keyboard is working flawlessly without a doubling problem. I just hope it will last, because a failure while I'm back in Costa Rica will be a big problem ... For anyone who's not in Costa Rica much of the time, I highly recommend the machine. Time will tell whether I should have gotten the old keyboard, but I actually like the feel of the butterfly keyboard and enjoy typing on it. I would say that if you have a problem, bring it in for service and give it another chance. One handy tip: If you are visiting a country where Apple's warranty is not supported, bring along a Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad. Pair them with your laptop before you leave. They will enable you to use a computer with a broken keyboard while you wait for your next trip back to the US. I was able to find something that looked a lot like an Apple Wireless Keyboard, but I had to hit the "1" key about five times to be able to type a "1". Don't be like me. Take the real thing along. At least the semi-functioning substitute was only 8,000 colones. (About $15).
  • First look: Benchmarks put Apple's entry-level $4999 iMac Pro to the test

    I would love to see benchmarks for Motion since it's the main app where I find performance deficiencies in my existing machine (late 2014 27" iMac).

    I was expecting to see problems with 4K Final Cut Pro editing with my Nikon D5 footage but found it very smooth on both machines.  I could tell the iMac Pro was faster but the slower speed of my current iMac was not different enough for it to be conspicuous.  It's odd because I remember editing being stuttery in previous attempts. Maybe my LaCie 4TB Rugged RAID Thunderbolt external drive is faster than previous drives I've used.