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  • Apple Maps gets 3D view with iOS 15 in selected cities, more to come

    Where do Apple executives live?

    The Bay Area.

    What cities do they visit?


    So where are things beautiful?

    The Bay Area and NYC.

    Cheer up, through.  Here in Costa Rica we don’t even get navigation and I have to use Google Maps or Waze.

    Unfortunately I can understand why Costa Rica is a low priority.  Costa Ricans don’t buy iPhones, they are far too expensive.  Only tourists and expats (like me) have them, and most of us buy them from the USA because import fees here are prohibitively high.

  • 'Apple Card is Here' video shows up on Apple's YouTube channel

    I have a good income but use essentially no credit. The one really solid reason to get a credit card for me is that I should be able to rent a car. Car rental companies really HATE to rent to people with only debit cards. Guess it’s just too risky nowadays. 

    So so I got Apple Card and so far I really like the design. So far I mainly use it for the 3% cash back on Apple Books.  One thing that startled me was that Apple credit is to your Apple Pay card and appears when the transaction settles, not the same day you use the card. 
  • Apple launches keyboard service program for 'small percentage' of MacBook, MacBook Pro own...

    I purchased a 2016 MacBook Pro in February. I noticed the typed key doubling effect (which created results like "appple" or "Macbbook". I chalked it up to the keyboard being different to type on and soldiered on. About a month before I left Costa Rica, my keyboard failed entirely - pressing buttons would do nothing. Unfortunately, the Apple Stores there do not honor the US warranty, something that left me alarmed. Fortunately I had already scheduled a trip back to the US. Upon my return, I went to the Apple Store Wellington Green to get it fixed. In a little under a week, I had my computer back, good as new. Actually, better than new. The keyboard is working flawlessly without a doubling problem. I just hope it will last, because a failure while I'm back in Costa Rica will be a big problem ... For anyone who's not in Costa Rica much of the time, I highly recommend the machine. Time will tell whether I should have gotten the old keyboard, but I actually like the feel of the butterfly keyboard and enjoy typing on it. I would say that if you have a problem, bring it in for service and give it another chance. One handy tip: If you are visiting a country where Apple's warranty is not supported, bring along a Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad. Pair them with your laptop before you leave. They will enable you to use a computer with a broken keyboard while you wait for your next trip back to the US. I was able to find something that looked a lot like an Apple Wireless Keyboard, but I had to hit the "1" key about five times to be able to type a "1". Don't be like me. Take the real thing along. At least the semi-functioning substitute was only 8,000 colones. (About $15).
  • First look: Benchmarks put Apple's entry-level $4999 iMac Pro to the test

    I would love to see benchmarks for Motion since it's the main app where I find performance deficiencies in my existing machine (late 2014 27" iMac).

    I was expecting to see problems with 4K Final Cut Pro editing with my Nikon D5 footage but found it very smooth on both machines.  I could tell the iMac Pro was faster but the slower speed of my current iMac was not different enough for it to be conspicuous.  It's odd because I remember editing being stuttery in previous attempts. Maybe my LaCie 4TB Rugged RAID Thunderbolt external drive is faster than previous drives I've used.