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  • Confusion reigns over iPhone 11 Pro RAM, benchmarking tests

    mjtomlin said:
    wood1208 said:
    Does anyone know why Apple choose 2 wide angle back camera instead one extra wide and one tele photo ?

    Although he was referring to the dual camera system on the iPhone 11, John Gruber from Darirng Fireball mentions...
    Fundamentally it’s a bet on the power of computational photography — it’s easier to zoom in digitally than it is to compute a wider field of view.

    But as was also mentioned on stage... that extra wide lens can be used in really tight shots, “When there’s no room to back up.”

    It’s not harder to compute a wider field of view, its impossible. If the lens can’t see grandma outside the frame, it can’t compute her. Yes you can take a panorama but that’s a different action than pressing the shutter button. It is most likely for 3 reasons 1) people take group shots and can’t back up enough, so you can get shots you wouldn’t otherwise get. 2) more useful for AR applications 3) the ultra wide doesn’t use OIS so prob a cheaper than adding telephoto camera package which does
  • When Apple introduced the iPhone on Jan 9, 2007, it was the ultimate 'computer for the res...

    and that the iPad was now the world's most popular video player "by a large margin".

    There was a bit of a difference though. Using the latest 2006 figures available, Jobs said that the cell market had been worth a billion dollars. Apple was aiming for 10 million dollars in the first year.

    Apple's aims for iPhone sales now seem modest
    Apple's aims for iPhone sales now seem modest

    I think you mean IPod not iPad in the first reference and clearly the graphic say 1% = 10M Units NOT 10M dollars. 
  • 'This would be bad for America,' Tim Cook tells ABC News about creating iPhone backdoor

    Why is it so difficult to state what it is that the government wants. It has been reported that the government wants a back-door through the operating system and, contradictorily, that it seeks to retrieve information from a specific phone.
    Thats the issue, those are NOT contradictory statements. The govt wants a back-door through the operating system SO THAT it can retrieve information from a "specific" phone. Your iPhone & my iPhone and Syed's iPhone are all the same. The were MASS PRODUCED, they are one and the same, the only difference is you put your info in yours and I put my info in mine. There is no UNIQUE way to access data on only one("specific") iPhone that won't access data on ALL iPhones. and by the way the scary part should be that we are even talking about this issue in regards to this case. If they want to do it for this case then they will use it for literally thousands if not millions of cases. He & his wife are dead, the FBI has admitted he wasn't working with anyone else, this was his work phone not his personal phone(which they destroyed b/c that would have been where the info was), etc. etc. I could go on. this case has nothing to do with this "specific" phone. The next time some kid brings a gun to school or is even heard threatening to shoot up the school then the FBI & local LE will want access to the phone to see how he is planning it and who he might have been talking to about it. bye bye privacy.
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