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  • Signs point to Apple Silicon M3 reveal at 'Scary Fast' event

    An event the 31 octobre, evening/late afternoon ?

    Plus a chip with hardware ray tracing support ?

    To me, it sound that there is a gaming market implication in this event. An M3 iMac, sold as the first gaming oriented iMac.

    Well, you heard it here first ;)

  • Why Apple uses integrated memory in Apple Silicon -- and why it's both good and bad

    mjtomlin said:

    Being able to control how much RAM is installed allows Apple to guarantee that all memory channels are filled and being utilized, maximizing performance.

    Yes, and do not forget another point: scalability: memory bandwith scale up with the chips, from M2 to M2Pro to M2Max to M2Ultra. The number of channels go up with the chips.

    According to Anatech, the M1 had 8 memory channels. The M1 Pro 16, The M1 Max 32, the M1 Ultra 64. If i understood well, a DIMM include two memory channels. This means that in order to a similar performance, you need 8 DIMM in parallel for the M1 Pro, 16 on the M1 Max, 32 on the Ultra. I suppose that M2 numbers are similar or a bit larger.  It doesn't seems very practical to put 8 DIMM on a Mac Mini, or 16 in a Mac Studio or in a Mac Book.Without considering power considerations. I do not think there is a practical alternative for Apple.
    For the Mac Pro, yes, there could be alternatives, like a NUMA architecture (Soc memory plus external memory). But that would require specific chips, and specifics extensions of the OS. To cover the market for which 192 Gb of Ram are not enough. Does the size of this market justify the investiment ? I do not know.

    For the author of the article: go back to your 101 computer architecture lessons. DMA is not for standard CPU memory access, computers do not use memory busses anymore since at least 20 years, and interrupt is not used during normal memory acces. DMA is used for I/O, to allow memory access without going thru the CPU. And this also was true at the 6502 times, i think situation is a little bit more complex today.

  • Let's get ready to rumble: Zuckerberg agrees to fight Musk in cage match

    Tim Cook is buying popcorn.
  • Three more 'Apple Car' engineers leave for aviation startups

    If there is one thing to learn from these facts, is that Apple is actually working on a flying car.
    Remember, i told it first  ;)


    PS: just joking
  • The new MacBook Pro: Why did Apple backtrack on everything?

    While i agree on the fact that new design is more pro and less design oriented, i would like to stress the fact that the discussion about ports is fake and the position that the 2016 mac book pro had less ports is a myth. I had a Mac Book Pro 2011; had it more ports ? Well, actually not. It just had two usb ports. Yes, it had an Ethernet port, of absolutely no use unless you had a cabled network. I hadn’t. Yes, it had a Firewire port; it was legacy already, never used it. It had a displayport connection, very useful to people using an external screen. Not me. Well, but at least you could connect it with a single cable to a dock, so you could charge it, connect to studio HD and audio interface ? No way. While some Windows computer had some expensive docking option, no Mac had one. Si, essentially, just two usb port. Yes, i used the display port a couple of times, in three years. So yes, the Mac Book Pro 2019 that i owns today have 4 physical ports, but being them multipurpose, i can use them in a lot of different situations. The new Mac Pro, if you are on batteries (or use a Usb C or Thunderbolt screen) have exactly one port less of my 2019 Mac Book Pro. Happily, it has three Thunderbolt controllers, so more bandwidth for more docks and dongles. Essentially, stop believing the trolls that online press helped diffuse, and look ti real life use cases. Some gains, a lot not.