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  • Apple is using a custom connector for the SSD in the new Mac Pro

    davgreg said:
    This gives me reason to pause on ordering one of these.

    As much as I want to have a headless desktop Mac that (hopefully) will have a long service life, Apple's propensity for proprietary connectors and stuff is a serious concern. I want to see the thing for myself and see what aftermarket stuff will be possible as Apple charges a king's ransom for memory on everything it sells.

    Well, the only actual limit is for the first SSD you buy; but nobody forbid to install a 20$ nvme PCIE card with a Samsung SSD and use it a system disk; you have plenty of PCI slot on the Mac Pro.
    There are also hyper fast nvme Raid Cards that use 16 PCI lanes and give stellar performance; you are really not limited to the proprietary SSD in machine like this.
    I mean, i agree that it just make no sense, but in practice is hardly a problem, if you have the need and the money for a machine like this one.
  • Apple's new Mac Pro internal components - answers and lingering questions [u]

    There is absolutely no sign of movement in the Nvidia thing since we talked about it a few months ago.
    Yes, but the important thing here is that is a OS/political issue; there is nothing in the hardware that prevent using Nvidia card if the two companies
    get their act together.
  • Tested: Will the new i7 Mac mini run faster with new thermal paste?

    Finally, it's not much of an $800 investment if the peice of crap constantly thermal throttles and is unusable to be used in a prolonged application use, so you might as well try and fix that crap cause you're leaving money on the table allowing it to perform under its rated specs. (Kinda like getting a super fast high end car, but putting a limiter on it that caps at 60mph)
    I am not sure i understand what you are talking about.
    The article shows that a stock Mac Mini with a  3.2 Ghz chip run between 3.4 and 3.5 Ghz during a prolonged test, on a stable temperature.
    I would not call it throttling, you get more  that the nominal performance.
  • New 'professional' Mac mini, low-cost MacBook refresh coming soon says report

    I'll make an educated guess, that can be seen also as wild speculation.
    The rumors born from the interpretation of new data and new hints using old glasses.
    Hints to the fact that is a 'Pro' Mini should be interpreted in the framework of the ongoing work in Apple to satisfy Pro customers.
    We read of a number of initiatives, including a special group work on the subject; we got the iMac Pro, we got the new MBP 15" with six core
    and 32 Gb of Ram, and we know about a project to produce a new line of Mac Pro. We got eGPU also, and Thunderbolt 3, that allows for "external expandibility",
    without performance loss (excluding RAM).
    So if it is 'Pro', it is something different, that is included in this strategy.
    Si, what if this not about a new 'Mac Mini', but something that have a similar form factor, but a different nature ?

    The following is wild speculation:  How can you redefine modularity and expandibility, at the system level, using the new available technologies ?
    Imagine a series of modules, having a stackable form factor, and connected thru thunderbolt 3.
    CPU/RAM/system disk/integrated GPU module, eGPU module, .m2 RAID module, PCI-e module, even professional specific modules, like audio interfaces.
    Third party modules; giving the current trend, i would imagine specific market modules left to third party, like audio.
    A module would just be a box with the right form factor; i would be surprised of more, like interconnections.
    ok, just speculations :smile: 


  • Apple TV offered as set-top cable box alternative in France

    Another European case, Salt, a Suisse company, but owned by a French entrepreneur.

    Their hardware offer is based on a router plus a media box (as many offers in France), and they substituted the media box with an Apple TV.

    By the way, often functionalities are shared between the router box and the media box; for example for the provider that i have (Free), recording and storage
    is included in the fiber optic modem/router, so it would be easy to move the media box to an apple tv today without losing functionalities.