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  • Time names Apple CEO Tim Cook a 'titan' in list of most influential people

    Kudos to Tim's publicist.
  • System 7 transformed the Mac on May 13, 1991

    My first Mac, a IIci, came with System 7.

    When I hear people complain about the cost of Apple computers and devices today, I have to laugh. The cost of entry to become a desktop publisher in 1991:
    Mac IIci: $4,095 (5MB RAM, 200MB hard drive)
    Keytronic keyboard: $139
    Microtek 600ZS color scanner: $1,469
    Apple Laserwriter: $1,799
    Ikegami 20" color monitor: $1,990
    Cables: $18
    NET INVOICE $9,570
    TAX $737
    TOTAL $10,307

    Now, keep in mind those were 1991 dollars…
  • Best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop for iOS and Mac

    The latest Mac OS update killed Photoshop for me (CS 6). Illustrator was painfully slow and wonky, as well. The new Affinity Photo and Designer apps for Mac, both v. 1.7, appear to be mature, well-thought-out alternatives to Greedy Adobe products. Affinity has them discounted right now for $40 each. Considering the quality of the software (in some cases with superior features to PS and AI), the price is a steal. FWIW, I'm a graphic designer and have used PS and AI since the early 90s. Is there a learning curve with the Affinity products? Absolutely. Their free video tutorials are outstanding, however, and help the process along. Yeah, it's equal parts invigorating and PITA, but ultimately worth it to give the one-finger salute to Adobe.
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  • Tim Cook says $30M Carnegie Library Apple Store is more than about selling iPhones

    Latko said:
    This is just weird...

    Apple must have to much money to know what to do with.

    You can get classes at regular Apple Stores...

    If you want to attract customers through education, why not give lectures at a university campus.
    Customers paid Tim that money to stay upfront in tech products, not to fulfill his self-affirmation or to show off his ascendency in real estate.
    Tim Cook is one weird dude – poster boy for SJW and the oldster *so* out of touch, desperately catering to the young crowd he cannot comprehend. Out of touch, consumed in the Apple force field. He needs to go. And in case you're thinking this is ageism, I am older than Tim, and he is just an embarrassment.
  • Hands On: New Pixelmator Pro 1.0.5 brings Machine Learning to image editing

    I understand that this is a Pixelmator review and as such does not attempt to bring any other software into the conversation. HOWEVER, I wouldn't think of buying Pixelmator until working with the trial version of Affinity Photo. For those professionals, like myself, who have been held at gunpoint by Adobe far too long, Affinity software (both Photo and Designer) rides to the rescue. I'm not affiliated with Affinity but, boy, I would love to see greedy Adobe on the receiving end of karma.
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