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  • Preorders for $1,099 iPhone 12 Pro Max now live

    I Got in at 8:02. Iphone 12 pro max graphite 256g arriving on launch day. 😎 
  • Apple Upgrade Program participants complain of no stock, scheduling problems

    sog35 said:
    sog35 said:
    I feel cheated being on the apple upgrade program.  I would have taken a Matte or jet black 128 or 256 gig 7 plus.  Got on soon as preorders started with zero issues, clicked my store, choice of phone, and all models except 32 gig rose gold were out of stock.  People wouldn't enroll in the apple upgrade program if they didn't want the newest one every year.

    apple should send out first dibs emails of launch day stock before they give them to retailers and carriers and allow current upgrade program members to either agree to upgrade on launch day or not.  Then what's left should go out everywhere else. Now I likely won't see an iPhone til December unless I stalk my local Apple Store and get there at the right time to get lucky when one comes in  
    Dude you are not special.

    Being on the Apple upgrade plan does not give you special benefits. In fact Apple makes LESS PROFIT on upgrade customers. 

    You are getting AppleCare at a discounted rate AND no interest loan for 24 months.

    The real SPECIAL customers are the carriers who buy HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PHONES and other customers who pay the full price UP FRONT.
    Special or not this is the first iPhone launch I've had issues with getting on launch day or even a week after launch and I've had every iPhone since the beginning.  They didn't do the upgrade program members right plain and simple.  I shouldn't be able to get the minute the preorders go live and see out of stock on every single model and color in the 7 plus's. They should have at least allowed us to get in line with everyone else and set up an Apple Store Appointment on a later date to upgrade or be notified when your phone of choice is available 
    No dude. You don't expect the same privedge as people throwing down $1000 cash up front.

    You are bumming your way to a 24 month interest free loan with discounting AppleCare. You don't deserve to have the same dibs to the new phones as cash buyers. Sorry.

    Next time you should throw down $1000 upfront and not worry about being reliant on the financing of some bank. 

    The truth is the upgrade program is for poor people who can't afford to throw down $1000 upfront. 
    Lmao this is the funniest shit I've ever heard!  I could say the people who throw down 1000 bucks for a phone is because they are irresponsible adults with no credit!!  I could buy whatever phone I wanted cash money bc I'm not poor like some people, but why would anyone who could get a phone for 500 pay 1000?  8 out of 10 times its because they have to, because if they don't they won't get a phone at all because they don't have any credit.  Do I see how Apple would rather someone buy 
  • Rumor: Apple to debut Bluetooth earbuds alongside 'iPhone 7,' with truly wireless left & right earp

    Why is everyone saying what battery life can and can't be on new tech such as these completely wireless earbuds?  Or even iPhone?  Do any of you sit around and invent new tech and open up new possibilities?  Cause Apple does, and apple wouldn't announce or plan to introduce something like airpods if they weren't working on figuring out how to give great battery life.  And they reinvented the battery for the new MacBook, they can do it for iPhone too.