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  • Apple sells $7B in debt in first bond offer since $285B cash repatriation [u]

    I wonder why some people piss off about this?
    This is financial 101.

    If you have $10 million in bank with 2% interest gain/year and you need $1 million to buy new house.
    If the lender will gives you 1% interest loan then you will not take it? Or even 2% interest will be even out.
    Why would you spend your cash?
  • Study: Apple Pay at 9% adoption in US, lags far behind PayPal and traditional payment meth...

    USA is still cash driven society. Some restaurants give 10% off when pay cash then credit card and most of restaurant(specially seat down place) does not adapt handheld  pos. So physical credit card or cash still need.

    That is why Apple card sent out titanium card instead plastic card. They start late so some incentive needed. Not reward. The titanium card.
    I also have Apple card and there is no reason use physical Apple card at all.

    Most of USA consumer has multiple reward credit cards. There is no reason to ditch all credit card to Apple card..
    Most of YouTuber review as Apple card rewards compare to other high reward cards but I think they still not read fine print well..

    Some of high reward card always has limit amount that you ca receive high % rewards. Or rotate rewards quarterly. Like DIscover it cards.(5% rewards)
    But you are only get 5% on specific item such as gas for only 3 month and up to $1000 or so.. If you use more than that reward drop to 1%.
    For example if you spend pn gas $100/month then 3 months 5% ended up $15+ rest of other month 1%($9) = $24 rewards.
    Applepay return 2% unlimited so $100/month on gas ended up $24/year rewards anyway..

    So unless you use multiple high rewards cards to maximize(like Costco cards then it gives you 4% on gas up to $7,000/year) the return, single card only use does not gives some sort of huge rewards.

    You want high reward return then you have remember when to use which cards so you can get high return..
    Any time you want to make money in this world, you have to work on savvy credit card usage.

    But if you really don't want to remember which card what return and does not want to open multiple cards and also you can use Applepay 100% of the time then Apple card is not that bad far as I can see.

  • Steve Wozniak says Apple should have split up long ago, talks push into services and more ...

    He is day dreaming.. These days big tech can not survive without software+hardware+service.
    Any one of these component spin off will be suicide,

  • Titanium Apple Card shows signs of wear after just one month

    It is FREE card. No annual fee... I guess people expect too much for free card.
    Why even bother to use physical card? for only 1% reward?
    Most of people have 2-3% rewards free cards anyway.. If place like restaurant, use amex or PNC free card for 3% return.

    If you have only Apple card then get another one for higher rewards.
  • Apple asks White House not to apply tariffs to Mac Pro parts

    Dell & HP have different story then Apple. Far as I know only Apple has assembly factory in USA.
    The other companies are rely on China. So they don't have card to play from the start.
    Only thing they can do, move to other country.

    However Apple has Texas factory that can be use as assembly line for new Mac Pro.
    As long as import parts has no tariff. That's what Apple asking.

    You want us to manufacturing stuff in USA then we want no tariff on imported parts. Then we will assemble the Mac Pro in USA.

    The business man always in negotiation. If Apple can get no tariff for Mac Pro parts then they can keep the high margin and another marketing slogan as assembled in USA . If Trump not allow this then defend on next tariff hike, Apple adding more price for Mac Pro as new tariff added.
    For Apple, there is no lose story here.

    As you all know, if you don't ask, you don't know the answer you might get.

    Also one more thing.. Since when Apple produce over powered products per price ratio in the past? They never did.
    Why lots of people buy old Mac Pro case and converted to PC or hackintosh? Because the old Mac Pro case is look nice. Same as new Mac Pro.
    You want to assembled own part and running hackintosh or window then go ahead. No one stop you.. Not even Tim Cook.
    You want the new Mac Pro case then pay me... That's what Apple always said.