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  • Volvo to focus on value adds outside the infotainment system, will leave CarPlay alone

    I think all car company should drop R&D for dash board design.
    Specially infotainment console design is just outdated. They don't know how to make it better and sometimes make it worse.

    auxiorobin huberwatto_cobra
  • Apple insists 8GB unified memory equals 16GB regular RAM

    Regular people do not load 40GB of RAW picture(s) image on their laptop or desktop.
    Regular people do not compile application and test complex enterprise software.

    Why the professional people complain about RAM size? Either your company willing to pay what they need or your own business can paid off higher RAM upgrade.
    It is business expenses.

    If regular people think they need more RAM then they still stuck on old windows experience.

    Don't get me wrong.. I don't like the way Apple charge RAM and SSD upgrade price. It should drop 25-50% from current price.
    On the other hand, I am Apple stockholder and with my dividend from Apple cover all my Apple products purchase.

    Far as I can see Apple price upgrade structure made as if you need specific model to upgrade then you should consider bump up different model instead.

    Like Mac mini upgrade max 32GB RAM with M2 Pro, 512GB SSD, 10G NIC ended up $1799.
    However, Studio with M2 Max with same other spec ended up $200 more - $1999. 
    If you want Mini with M2 Pro with 12 core than $300 more - $2099.

    So Apple create price structure to bump up the model not individual options. They try to not make too many CTO model.
    Order to doing so, upgrade option price hike.
  • Apple suffers fourth consecutive quarter of declining sales, beat Wall Street anyway

    The company only exist for one purpose. Make money. Any company does not make money will close down.
    Recently WeWork going to bankruptcy process soon.
    How many WeWork worker will be losing their job soon? So far Apple did not major layoffs even Google, Meta, Microsoft did recently.

    look at the Samsung phone line up. They have cheap to middle and expensive phones, but margin does not catch up to Apple iPhone.
    I am keep saying too many models line up will always less sales due to lots of consumer having decision anxiety.

    That's why Apple only provide specific model nothing more. All those failed company had too many models. Such as Nokia. And even Microsoft did the same thing for mobile business. That's why they failed.

    Also no one dare to increase their phone price over $1000 until Apple did. Why? Apple know some people willing to pay something new, shine product.
    So far Apple delivered. That's why they are still top dog. 

    Apple share their profit with shareholder. Which any public company should.
     If you complain about Apple's price, then either you should own Apple stock so you can get dividends to pay your Apple products or make more money.
    Why are you buying thing that you cannot afford it?
    danoxBart Y
  • No M3 13-inch MacBook Pro at 'Scary Fast' event, says Gurman

    I think Apple should drop MBP 13'.
    They should drop price MBP 14' with base M3 chip as $1599 or $1699. Which $100-$200 more than MBA 15' 512GB.

    I think Apple currently has some model lineup fragmented issue.
    Too many choices not good for business. 

    Current 24' iMac chase cannot handle temperature of M2 Max. I think M2 pro is max out.
    iMac is for base consumer product not for professional. 27' or 32' iMac may contain with M3 Max? If Apple still choose thin chase, then I guess it may not either.

    Question will be the price of 27' or 32' iMac with M3 Pro or Max. It may compete with Mac Studio sales.
  • 15-inch MacBook Air demand drops significantly, says Kuo

    I think Apple should drop some model and rethink how to deploy the M chip interval.

    Apple should delete old 13' Pro and only make 14' & 16' for Pro model.
    Air should keep 13' & 15'.  So don't give consumer to choice dilemma based on screen size. 
    Entire notebook line is 13', 14', 15' 16'. 
    The Pro model should have always newer M chip like iPhone Pro and none pro. 
    So Air always get previous M chip. The M2 chip currently good enough to skip upgrade. The Pro model get M3, M3 pro & max.
    When M4 release, the Air should get M3.

    In that way, Apple get little less chip shortage apply through entire mac line up and Apple can drop some price from Air model.