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  • Sprint, T-Mobile merger will generate 5G powerhouse, cut costs for users

    Basically Sprint & T-mobil need to be merge. They have no choice. Sprint already losing money to even stay operational.
    Without merge Sprint may fold the card within 10 years.(I think around 5 years) Specially everyone fully merge to 5G.

    The current USA internet problem(regardless wire or wireless) is nothing to do with net neutrality.
    Most of problem come from was your local government that not allow(or charge too much money) build new cell tower or bring in new ISP.

    When net neutrality was effected time, what rural area get improved? Nothing.

    And another problem is population. USA is very big country and population concentrates on major state and city.
    So rural area has no reason the big ISP company pay for fiber or high speed internet service. Simply they will never get the money back.

    High populate city also have problem that ISP company will not put more line into building or block. because too much competition. People switching server every 2 years or so.
    So if your equipment can handle 1000 connection any given time with max speed, ISP simply sign more people to it with slow down speed.(even that block has 3000 people or equipment. Because ISP think if this city has 3 ISP company then each company never get 50%. So they just make the equipment handle around 35% to maximum 40%.)

    There is no winning situation for consumer. That will change when T-mobil start 5G internet for home. No more laying down line cost. As long as T-mobil and/or Sprint coverage area you living you can get the new internet service. This will shake local cable internet company and current dominant ISP in that area.
    Question will be current T-Mobil and/or Sprint network can handle that connection. Time will tell.

    I think year 2020 will be interesting.. More company start service 5G into home. Specially Google and Amazon. Amazon failed cell phone business but I think they restart it anytime they want.
    Think about it, if Amazon Echo plus with 5G router function and each echo dot as mesh built in. you can place it anywhere you want.. Currently mesh system is expensive. But by year 2020, it will be base line. 
    I think soon all smart home speaker will be replace mesh routers.

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  • Tested: Will the new i7 Mac mini run faster with new thermal paste?

    I ordered from Amazon mac mini i5 base model as $999 and I had to return it.
    Heating problem is real. I tested internal and external SSD with running TD thinkorswim app only and mini heat up more than my 5 years old HP laptop.

    I think it is problem with both thermal paste and cooling method. Mac mini has no intake vent hole other than bottom which cover by rubber plate.
    DDR4, CPU heat up pretty fast and cool air sip in through bottom plate gap is too slow. Also PSU create heat as well.

    Apple need redesign the new Mac mini. Maybe need side or front vent array of hole or design like AppleTV 4K bottom.
  • Steve Wozniak says Apple should have split up long ago, talks push into services and more ...

    He is day dreaming.. These days big tech can not survive without software+hardware+service.
    Any one of these component spin off will be suicide,

  • Frequently asked questions about the 2018 Mac mini RAM, storage, and more [u]

    Quick question from a someone not that familiar with upgrading/swapping out RAM.  It's related to how the RAM is being described as not "additive".  Let's make an assumption that there are 2 slots, simply for the purposes of this question.  My plan is to purchase aftermarket RAM and replace it myself.  If I purchase the base RAM option, in this case 8GB, and it is shipped with an 8GB stick in one slot, with the other slot empty, is it not possible to purchase another 8GB stick (matching specs of course) and place it into the empty slot? Do I have to purchase 2 new 8GB sticks to get to 16GB and thus forced to remove the original 8GB stick, or is that only in the case of both slots being filled from the start?  I'm not sure if Apple or anyone does leave a slot open or not at purchase/original build.  It's feasible they always fill up both slots (i.e., 2 sticks of 4GB in this example).  Essentially, I want to make sure that if I purchase the Mini with the base option of 8GB, i can get to 16,32,or 64 or whatever I choose when I want.  I don't want to land in a situation where you have to buy a minimum of 16GB or higher RAM from Apple at the start/original build in order to upgrade to 32 or 64 down the road.  

    Thanks in advance!  Not that really knowledgeable/savvy with this effort.  Much appreciated. 
    I think it will be dual channel so base 8GB ram will be 2 4GB ram modules. So if you want to upgrade to 16GB ram then you need to buy 2 8GB ram modules and replace both. I don't think Apple ever shipped their product as single channel for ram.
  • Apple sells $7B in debt in first bond offer since $285B cash repatriation [u]

    I wonder why some people piss off about this?
    This is financial 101.

    If you have $10 million in bank with 2% interest gain/year and you need $1 million to buy new house.
    If the lender will gives you 1% interest loan then you will not take it? Or even 2% interest will be even out.
    Why would you spend your cash?
  • Verizon planning $20 upgrade fee even for customers of Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program, leak suggest

    aross99 said:
    If I buy my phone at an Apple Store with Apple Upgrade program - how it Verizon even involved?  Doesn't it look like I "brought my own device"?

    Why is this even an Upgrade?

    Basically almost all carrier want to charge you every 2 years or so activation charge again. Even your account already activated.
    I guess new IMEI number put into their database cost $20.

    Some comments said this will not cost anything.. No.. Everything count as cost..
    Even employee does anything and seat around still cost them. Why? Because they pay you by an hour you are in the office. Not pay for what you do per hour.

    Also keep in mind, Verizon's worker recently agreed not to strike and get some increase their wages and compensation..
    So the company need to increase income. Here it is..
    Instead decrease their stock dividend, They just collect the money from customer(which include their own employee) and give to employees. Kind a funny.
    One hand pay to the company and other hand collect from them.

  • Apple by itself earns +40% of the profits of Silicon Valley's top 150 companies

    saarek said:
    Huh?  The table says $53,731.

    (... or am I mis-reading something?)
    Probably updated after his comment.
    I guess chart base on million. 
    I just wonder spending more than $8 billion, and it came up with scissor keyboard, mouse with charging port at bottom, 12 inch iPad pro, sell 4th gen CPU on mini, etc..
    Oh one more thing.. soldered RAM for make more profit.. Great job R&D..