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  • Apple sued for allowing loot boxes in App Store

    benji888 said:
    fred1 said:
    Here are two words for anyone who wants to limit spending on apps and can’t figure out how to place restrictions: gift cards. 
    That only adds money to iTunes/Apple account, there still is a credit or debit card assigned to that Apple ID...once the iTunes/App Store gift card runs out, that card is charged, so this doesn’t limit spending.
    Nope..I don't think you did not read to the end.. fred1 said at the end gift card.
    If you buy gift card then there is no credit cards linked to that Apple account. CVS, Walmart, Walgreen,  basically every retail store selling these gift card.

  • 27-inch iMac flash storage cannot be replaced or upgraded

    Never mind.. OWC already crack open the new iMac and it is soldered to the mother board.

    There is another pci-e slot space on the board but not actually have a port. it might be use for bigger SSD size for it..
    I wonder why Apple doing this.. Just simply add 2 pci-e ssd slot should be much easier..
    They love to solder it..

    I guess Apple APU desktop Mac will be all soldered component like Mac book line up.
  • Mark Zuckerberg claims Apple's App Store charges 'monopoly rents,' stifles innovation

    Thanks Mark. More reason to use iOS device.
  • Apple agrees to make key App Store changes, create $100M fund to settle developer lawsuit

    flydog said:
    rob53 said:
    If a developer emails me about a different payment process I’ll tell them to GTH and trash their app. 
    Developer: "You can save 30% by purchasing using any major credit card."
    Rob53: "Go to hell, I'll pay full price!!!!!"

    Seems completely logical. 
    Why do you think App developer or company willing to give you 30% discount automatically when they are not pay 30% per transaction to Apple?
    Each App developer who does not have web payment system now they need to get one. Which it will cost them.
    Set up the web site and store customer's credit card info and verified and secure it also need spend money..

    Epic was already done this prior they start iOS app. So they can give you some discount. I remembered it was 20% off.
    Even Epic could not give you 30% off.. lol..
    So developer or company does not set this up yet then I wonder how much money they will save it?
    Also these days weak security on payment system will be hacked.. How much it will cost to clean that up..

    Why would I hire people to handle payment system rather pay 30% to Apple when ever App has transaction. I think this is way cheaper.
  • Apple appeals ruling in Epic Games lawsuit, requests stay on App Store changes

    Free game is free game. Nothing more.. I wonder why people pay something like digital contents like skins to your play characters. Does it makes better player?
    I wonder when Epic and other game company stop those hacking players.

  • Keychron K3 review: a classic mechanical keyboard in a modern compact form

    I would like Keychron consider make slim version of K4. I want number pad.
  • No, Apple's new Mac Pro isn't overpriced

    This getting funny...
    I wonder most of people who complain about the price think, the professional must buy their own money?
    Most of high end workstation will paid by the company they worked for.

    Also individual professional who need this Mac Pro and think it is too much money then you don't make enough money..

    I wonder why people more complain about Mac Pro price then iMac Pro can't upgrade anything without void warranty?
    iMac Pro starting price is $5,000.
    Any professional who willing to pay $5000, and pay $1000 more then you can upgrade anything you want, which Mac they will choose?

    Most of company who make money on video, music, already have monitor..

    So far you can buy either 6%(until end of 2019) cash back or 18 months interest free finance.
    12 core, dual vega Ii ended up $12,199.00(no ram, SSD upgrade) that ended up around $680 per month for 18 months.
    If you can not afford this monthly payment then this machine is not for you.
    Move along..
  • Verizon planning $20 upgrade fee even for customers of Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program, leak suggest

    aross99 said:
    If I buy my phone at an Apple Store with Apple Upgrade program - how it Verizon even involved?  Doesn't it look like I "brought my own device"?

    Why is this even an Upgrade?

    Basically almost all carrier want to charge you every 2 years or so activation charge again. Even your account already activated.
    I guess new IMEI number put into their database cost $20.

    Some comments said this will not cost anything.. No.. Everything count as cost..
    Even employee does anything and seat around still cost them. Why? Because they pay you by an hour you are in the office. Not pay for what you do per hour.

    Also keep in mind, Verizon's worker recently agreed not to strike and get some increase their wages and compensation..
    So the company need to increase income. Here it is..
    Instead decrease their stock dividend, They just collect the money from customer(which include their own employee) and give to employees. Kind a funny.
    One hand pay to the company and other hand collect from them.

  • Apple by itself earns +40% of the profits of Silicon Valley's top 150 companies

    saarek said:
    Huh?  The table says $53,731.

    (... or am I mis-reading something?)
    Probably updated after his comment.
    I guess chart base on million. 
    I just wonder spending more than $8 billion, and it came up with scissor keyboard, mouse with charging port at bottom, 12 inch iPad pro, sell 4th gen CPU on mini, etc..
    Oh one more thing.. soldered RAM for make more profit.. Great job R&D..