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  • Xcode confirms Apple Watch S5 CPU is the same as S4, 10.2-inch iPad has 3GB RAM

    So what would Series 4 battery life be if they implemented always-on display in a software update?
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  • Microsoft's Stranger Things campaign creates a fake legacy for Windows 1.0

    Regardless of the quality of the article, the main point is valid and Microsoft shouldn't be creating a fake history that many will confuse as fact. Windows won the desktop war but it was about 10 years later than 1985. In the real 1985 Bill Gates was still hoping Apple would license Mac OS in a broad way that would make further development of Windows redundant and allow Microsoft to be dominant in GUI applications written for Mac OS running on PCs. Excel 1.0 was a Mac-only program in 1985.
  • Behind-the-scenes feature shows how Apple Watch has veered away from high fashion

    Early Apple Watch marketing parallels that of the very first digital watches by Pulsar 40 years earlier, down to the celebrity influencers and the stainless steel and gold versions at similar price points (adjusted for inflation). That was omnimous, because Pulsar was hot and then it was not. Once digital watches became a cheap commodity, Pulsar couldn't adapt and maintain its high-end market. Pulsar did foresee a health application by introducing a digital pulsometer in one of their last models, but the whole concept of a wearable computer was way ahead of its time, the display and battery technology wasn't good and even today we can't combine the ability to display any image with the ability to see the time at all times, simply by looking with no action required to activate it. The challenge has always been to make a tiny powered screen useful, indispensable enough to replace a tiny mechanical clock. The fear of death and hope that a smart watch will alert you to heart danger manages, just barely, to compete with the fear of being late for something.
  • Forensics firm urges police not to look at screens of iPhones with Face ID

    "Hey Siri, whose phone is this?" disables FaceID/TouchID.
  • Woman sues feds over data retention after iPhone seized at border

    Discovery in this lawsuit should reveal IF the government is able to extract data from a locked iPhone 6 Plus.

    It would also be interesting to know what happens if you try to use iCloud Lost Mode or remotely erase the device in this situation.