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  • Review: Twelve South HiRise Wireless is a great 3-in-1 charger

    Did they put the status light on the back where you can't see it when charging your device? As well, if the purpose of a wireless charger is to save you the trouble of plugging your AirPods case into a lightning cable, how is this solution more convenient given you have to pop out the charging puck from the base and lay it somewhere near the now useless base and then stick it back into the base to charge your phone again? All that removing and replacing seems like a good way to eventually break the only plastic piece of this charger. Or am I just cranky this morning?
  • Adobe Fresco painting app for iPad boasts accurate AI-powered brushes

    I wonder if it will follow the current Adobe CC model: Release full of bugs, charge expensive subscription, ignore bug reports, add feature-bloat, ignore bug reports, shove Adobe Stock down users' throats, update with same old bugs and add NEW bugs, profit!
  • First look: Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR [u]

    I LOVE the design!
  • Video: Everything you need to know about the new AirPods before you buy

    Hats off to Samsung for acknowledging that not everybody has the same size earholes and for providing different sized buds and a case that can accommodate them. My AirPods wiggle in my ears when I walk and fall out when I run. I had hoped that Apple would address this but I guess not. 
  • Apple's March Event: a big new move into subscription software

    "Rather than Adobe trying to hype up the Healing Brush as the reason to pay for an all-new Photoshop"… Except Adobe's now doing something worse, with little recourse for subscribers: pushing out half-baked, buggy software, with new "features" that few are asking for while very often ignoring the bugs each new release adds to the list. Back in the days when I could buy Photoshop (and Illustrator and Indesign), I could wait out a buggy release or ignore one whole "upgrade" entirely. Now, if a colleague or customer automatically updates their version(s) of Adobe CC, I have to as well or I won't be able to open their files (Photoshop is more forgiving than AI or ID in this regard). In general, the "features" are getting less and less useful (Photoshop reversing SHIFT to constrain proportions is one egregious example) as well but I imagine Adobe needs to offer a bullet point list of "new!" every now and then to justify the expensive subscription. I guess they have little to lose as they have a monopoly on industry essential design software for the foreseeable future. So, after years of paying Adobe for a subscription, the moment I decide not to pay anymore, I can no longer open a single file I created in their software. How is this fair? Why are you cheering?